Friday, March 7, 2014

Personal Photo Challenge - March...............

Our photo challenge for the month is Words and Letters.
As always, hard to pick. Being a lover of the written 
word my stash of wordy photos is quite large!
Donna keeps us hopping with these great monthly 

These special Japanese sake barrels wrapped in straw
caught my attention last June. I thought the artwork on
them really awesome.
There were dozens lined up near the entrance to the 
Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. Two of my favorite 
paintings with beautiful lettering, were the peonies 
and snow capped Mt. Fuji with flying cranes shown here.
If anyone reads Japanese perhaps you could share 
what they say - thanks. 

Photo taken with my Canon 7D, sharpened and framed 
via PicMonkey.

Sometimes it only takes one word! 
On a sweltering, humid southern Summer's day I came around a corner at SuzAnna's Antiques and noticed these white hot letters for sale. Needless to say, I wished I had been wearing something cool and diaphanous like the statue supporting a lamp!

Not certain, but suspect I was using my Olympus for this shot with a little over exposure from PicMonkey.

Signage, always exciting on city streets. I
 find myself snapping every sign imaginable. 
Hopefully Donna won't chastise me for blending three 
photos to make this collage - my weak excuse, three signs just 
say so much more than a lonely one!

Snapped two Summers back when visiting the always 
interesting Philadelphia - history galore and good food.

Pop by here - Donna's Photo Challenge blog - for 
this month's offerings - and join in if interested, 
we'd love to see your 'Words and Letters' photos.


  1. What a delightful assortment! Who knew that we would be treated to Japanese lettering in this challenge? I always look forward to seeing your travel photos, and I share the same passion about signs. As you know, I never chastise a participant for extra photos because I would never want to discourage enthusiasm! I love the framing of the first photo. The color and texture add to the visual interest. The second one is funny because the statue is obviously trying to cool off! And the collage provides a little taste of regional flair, including the chalkboard with a history lesson included! As always, you did a splendid job on the challenge, Miz Mary!

  2. What amazing Sake barrels...such pretty designs. And I love signs, too and you see so much in your travels. Of course the store window is fabulous! You want to go inside and shop....which is the point! I love your new profile pic. You look cute with your hair short! What a fun change! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Oh so unique and exotic—the sake barrels! Very cool. I don't know about Donna, but I enjoy a good collage!

  4. These are wonderful choices for words and letters, Mary. I love them all but the HOT one is what I'd like to be today. A cold March wind is blowing although it's sunny and almost at the freezing/melting mark. I also like the fig and wedge sign. Great choices.

  5. Those sake barrels are lovely, and such a good reminder of the varied forms that letters and words can take.

  6. Great choices! And the collage is a good collection of signs. I also love the HOT letters--you did some good photo work with that one.

  7. The barrels are eye catching but it's the sign with the invitation to come for oysters that's calling to me. The Wedge and Fig Shop looks interesting.

  8. Great selection! I like your technique on the first one, just the cut-off close-up of a few barrels.

  9. Loved what the sign about oysters said.
    I am always fascinated by words and signs.
    You have found some extra special ones.

  10. A lovely translation of the challenge - love the collage.

  11. The barrels are so unique and perfect for the challenge. Your personal words to me that you sent this week were an inspiration and very humbling, thank you so much Mary. x

  12. So, just how big are those Japanese barrels?? At first glance I thought they were cute little sachets! Beautiful photography - you have a good eye for composition. Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. I cheated a little with a collage, too!

  13. Very good pics. I think the Sake ones are my favorite.

  14. Love that you included some Japanese! Your photos are always terrific!!

  15. The first thing that caught my eye was your beautiful new header. So rich with texture and composition. I love it.
    The sake barrels are so unique, and with beautiful Japanese lettering. It would be great to know what they say. Signage catches my eye in cities I visit, too. Love the collage.

  16. you have some wonderful and interesting pictures on here! I am especially loving the one of the ZEBRAS!! I see you and I were thinking alike in this months photo challenge and chose signs! And we even both did a collage! We were certainly 'thinking alike'!! LOL You did street signs and I did highway signs. Have a great day!

  17. Love all your selections Mary. Love the Japanese sake barrels especially, and the Philly street signs. The Wedge and Fig- what a great name!!


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