Friday, March 21, 2014

Step into Springtime………….

Yesterday, while working outside in the Spring (yes, 
we can say it now!) sunshine, this little bright blue 
chappie came visiting - an Eastern bluebird.
He was back and forth to the bath, a few times on the 
feeder, and several long perches on the already budding 
fig tree.

Click photo to enlarge for Bluebird beauty!

Now that I know to be more careful handling the daffodils 
to prevent an allergic reaction, I cut a new bunch to 
brighten up the living room. Note I borrowed my post 
title today from the latest UK Country Living magazine 
- such a colorful cover this month. 

Did you read about the expected heatwave for the UK
After the wettest Winter ever in England, another 
El Nino weather pattern could be on the way, bringing 
perhaps the hottest Summer ever. Perhaps my Brit family 
and friends need to consider installing air conditioning!


  1. Mary, Bluebirds are my favorite. So precious! So pleased you found a way to protect yourself and enjoy your sweet daffodils. Yesterday I read we were in fact having a warmer summer as well. Mother Nature has been full of surprises. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your bluebird is beautiful. I haven't seen any yet this spring. I just read about the reaction you had to daffodils. I had never heard about that before! Our daffodils have not bloomed yet. But, when we come down off the mountain top, I do see them blooming in yards.

  3. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    dear Mary,
    My heart skips a beat when I see beautiful birds. Your photos are the blue birds are stunning.
    And your home . . . it's beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing your first day of Spring with us.
    Have a beautiful weekend,

  4. I love that tall lantern on the coffee table! Is that a SuzAnna's find? We have just finished taping up our living room for painting, and I'm looking for some unique and quirky pieces -- I need to go there sometime, still haven't been! The bluebird pictures are lovely... he's so bright and bold! Mmmm figs... perhaps we need a fig tree. I like to put figs on pizza with ricotta or goat cheese and a little honey. Yum!

    1. Cassie - lantern was from Homegoods last Autumn - they still have similar ones I believe - also some at TJMaxx.
      Want some of my figgy jam? Come over I've plenty to share………and I'll share fresh figs with you come Summer if we have a good harvest again. I didn't know you liked them! If you want to take a trip to SuzAnna's with me some weekend let me know - and Jasmin is usually there working then.
      Love, Grandma

  5. Oh, I am loving seeing these wonderful spring pictures on blogs from the US. They definitely, for the most part, aren't Canadian scenes yet. Your bluebird photos are so beautiful and your daffodils gorgeous in that creamy pitcher. When we were in the UK in 1992, there was a heatwave of sorts there. We had a couple of very rainy days then the heat came. I hope you have 'lovely weather' weekend there Mary.

  6. Oh my, I haven't read about the predictions for the heat in England this summer. Hopefully it will strike after July...
    Those daffodils add a great splash of color to your beautiful space.

  7. Bluebirds. Daffodils. Loveliness all around. The sun is shining here and daffodils are in bloom. No bluebirds, though. We see blue jays up in high elevations, but I don't think bluebirds live around here.
    I purchased that very issue of Country Living today at the bookstore. It arrives here late, but I always look forward to it. The young man who served me at the book store commented, "that is a great magazine." Yes, indeed!

  8. It doesn't seem fair that the UK should have an extra hot summer after such a rotten winter. What a beautiful little bluebird. We used to have them; now it is a rare treat to see one.

  9. Oh what a pretty bluebird - we have the western bluebird here - all blue - very pretty too. Love the daffodils.

  10. I bought that same magazine while we were in Sri Lanka last month and it was in one of my photos of yesterday's post. :) The bluebird is very vibrant and beautiful. And the daffodils are certainly cheery flowers. Happy Spring! Tammy

  11. Oh my goodness, I'd just be tickled pink if I saw that gorgeous blue bird! Just love your daffs, they look beautiful!


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