Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday musings…………………

Here in the southeast it's beautiful again and should reach 
76F today!  I have plans to be out and about much of the 
day - crop pants and loafers sound good, boots can stay 
in the closet. 
Speaking of loafers, I'm longing for a pair in navy. 
These are from J. Crew and certainly look airy, comfy and 
cool for hot weather.

J. Crew

Latvian Hand Knit

Despite warmer days, when I came across this gorgeous 
hand knit wool and alpaca sweater coat by DoroTheus 
from Riga, Latvia, I fell madly in love and wouldn't mind 
it turning cold again if I could have it to cuddle up in! 
Actually another very cold front may come through early 
next week with possible snow! As it's made to order, 
wonder if they can knit it/ship it by then!!!

My dining room.

Do your rooms 'talk'? Mine have been chattering to me all 
this week requesting to be dusted, polished, vacuumed, 
mopped etc. Recent scraping of textured ceiling, painting 
walls, installing carpet etc. made this week one of doing 
all of the above…………plus I worked in the garden pruning 
and tidying up. 
I need more hours in my day, don't you?

SuzAnna's Antiques, Raleigh, NC 

Today I will venture to SuzAnna's Antiques for a 
quick look around at the Spring vignettes - it's always a 
chance to see my granddaughter working diligently, and 
to catch up with Susie & Jennie the lovely shop owners. 
I'm trying to cut back on purchasing for a 
while - this recent house project requiring much 
moving and storing, reminded me I have far too much stuff! 
If I don't stop bringing things home I'll be opening Mary's Antiques!!!

Yes, he's still here, resting on the birdbath, which 
needs a good hose down, and I think he may be checking 
out the birdhouse where he and Mrs.B raised 
their offspring the last two years. I would be so 
happy to have baby Eastern bluebirds fluttering around 
the garden again this Spring.

Hope your Saturday is full of pleasant hours and 
fun times. 


  1. Love that coat... and those shoes are fabulous... :)
    Enjoy the weekend, Mary... xv

  2. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Mary, What a lovely Saturday post.
    I LOVE the hand knit wool and alpaca sweater coat. It looks so stylish and comfortable! Her boots are beautiful too :0)
    And as always, I adore seeing the photos of your birds. I can get lost in your photo of Mrs. B. She's so pretty.
    Have a wonderful time at SuzAnna's Antiques . . . and a relaxing weekend,

  3. Those shoes look great! I need a new spring wardrobe, including shoes. I have been waiting, because I had hoped to loose a few pounds, but that doesn't seem to be happening!

    Our weather is beautiful today as well, and we are also suppose to have snow...I think on Wednesday.

  4. I love that beautiful wool sweater! It would be a nice idea for our spring right now, when it's not snowing that is. I can't wait to get into shoes again and to toss the down parka and gloves until next season. You will have all your spring cleaning done, Mary, after the renovations you've done. They sure can make a lot of dust. I love that beautiful photo of the bluebird. Enjoy the day.!

  5. This post is like sitting down and chatting with you, Mary. I'm on the lookout for some good comfortable walking shoes, too. Ones with a little style. The loafers you've shown would be great. A spring wardrobe fresh-up is on my mind, although chilly weather is still around. One needs layers that can be pulled on and off these days. The air is chill, especially when the wind blows, but the sun can be warm.
    Renovations always entail housecleaning. For me the neglected parts of my home say, "Hey, you've freshened up over there, you can at least clean me up over here!"

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I would love to shop at Mary's Antiques, LOL. And I bet you will have another bluebird family this year.

  7. Hi Mary. Love the loafers and the baggy sweater. Great taste lady!
    It's turned cold here again and dome areas are expecting snow - aaargh!

  8. I am sorry I missed you, but "Mary's Antiques" does not sound too bad!!

  9. Mary, It all looks wonderful and the weather! Yesterday we had temps in the high 70's (a few said it got up to 80!) it was delightful. We weeded and poked around in the dirt. But today, yuck, cool to cold and dreary but no rain. Sigh. My hibiscus has gone back into the garage to wait for warmer weather. If you get the sweater - keep it handy.

  10. Bluebirds are perfectly wonderful birds. I always enjoy seeing the first one of the season. Love your dining room! And the loafers and sweater. Great taste you have, Mary.


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