Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just because………………

Anthropologie's latest window dressing with reflections from surrounding 
shopping center streets - via iPhone - whilst strolling and awaiting a 
restaurant table last evening.  
Talk about pretty!


  1. I'm not sure just what I am seeing, but it IS pretty.

  2. Beautiful. Love the poppies.

  3. Interesting image, Mary. Anthropologie windows always catch my attention.

  4. Certainly is a pretty display, great phone capture!

  5. It's nice though I'm trying to work out if I am looking at refelctions as well

    1. Yes Bill, reflections of buildings, traffic etc. as I was looking into the shop window which had the amazing paper cut out flowers as part of the display. I'm still with the iPhone4 so don't get great pics - will be upgrading in a couple of months and hoping I'll do better with phone captures………….and won't mind when I've left the cameras at home!

      Thanks for stopping by - Mary

  6. A gorgeous cacophony of colour and texture. Wow!

  7. Thanks for the just because. I am here, just seem to be super busy.
    Love Antropologie so much!
    I will return to savor the golden photos above and please wish Jasmin
    happy times in N.Calif. Sending hugs, m

  8. It looks like artwork to me! Terrific reflection capture!


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