Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg………………

Passing the Hermitage/Winter Palace on our way by hydrofoil to Peterhof Palace, the 
opulent complex of palaces and gardens on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, begun by 
Peter the Great to emulate Versailles. 

Arriving early morning, the walk from the seaside dock toward the palace is quite an 
eye opening experience!

A leisurely walk through the gardens past many playful fountains - some you can actually play in - with over thirty palaces, summer houses, gazebos, pavilions, decorated with over a hundred statues, doesn't prepare you for the grandiose sight of the 18-19th century architectural and park ensemble covering almost four square miles. 
The Peterhof Palace, officially opened in 1723, was the favorite residence of the Tsar, Peter the Great, after whom it is named.

Early arrival before the fountains started to play.
All water comes from a gravity-fed water system.

View of The Grand Canal, also known as The Sea of Samson Canal, as the fountains started up.
This was such a beautiful place, a quick visit is not enough. I could have spent hours, 
possibly days here, enjoying the falling water and visiting every part of the 
park which is like a huge open-air museum.

The Grand Cascade

There was no palace entrance permitted with our all too short visit but what 
we were able to view, and fortunately in brilliant sunshine, was truly amazing.
The Palace Church with gilded domes.

Next stop in St. Petersburg, the glorious Catherine Palace where we did get to go inside.


  1. How stunning! It was wonderful that the weather was so beautiful too.

  2. Amazing and beautiful colors! Had to smile at the statue with the robe low on the hips. Bet the kids with their droopy drawers think they thought of it first. Ha!

  3. Such opulence. I guess keeping with the Joneses isn't anything new. It seems that everyone wanted their own Versailles. Louis XIV certainly started a fad. A very expensive fad.
    Love that rich green colour on the first photo. What an amazing place to wander through.

  4. Beautiful things to see and photograph!

  5. Wow! Thank you for this tour and those fabulous photos. I did not see the Peterhof Palace on my trip, but the Catherine Palace was amazing as well and I look forward to reliving my trip through your photos. Thanks. Farm Gal in VA

  6. It is all so stunningly beautiful. I had no idea this opulence existed. I know the place names only from seeing them in books.

  7. Mary, your photos are absolutely breathtaking - it's almost like being there in person. There is almost too much to take in. What a magnificent and beautiful place. Thank you!

  8. I can only agree with all the previous comments - your photographs are wonderful as always, such a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. One day, one day............................................

  9. It is amazing just to see the photos. I can imagine also spending much time visiting here.
    The gold, water, and opulence is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  10. I continue to pick my jaw off the floor...


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