Sunday, July 20, 2014

A good time to bake a French-style galette………

I'm up to my eyeballs working on the recent trip posts - they take a lot of time with so many photos 
to choose from and then edit. I love to share my travel experiences with you though - the blog posts
become my own personal 'journey journal' of a trip and, hopefully, bring little corners of the 
world you may not have visited closer.

Today though, I'm getting back to rustic desserts in the kitchen.
How about the French 'galette'.
A couple of days ago I discovered forgotten blackberries in the back of the 'frig 
fruit drawer.  Those good for us berries were calling out, "make us into something 
tasty before we end up in the compost bin" please.

Sweet or savory, a galette is less fussy and much quicker to prepare than fiddling about 
with a traditional tart or pie. It also offers more crispy crust to nibble, crunch on, and enjoy. 
Personally, I prefer the rustic look for many things I serve at table - they can't be
mistaken for something out of the grocery store when the juices bubble over the sides of 
the dish, or something sinks a bit in the middle……but still tastes delicious.  
It's the old-fashioned homemade look which hopefully means healthy, best ingredients, 
no additional preservatives, delicious, and time well spent in the kitchen to make something 
wholesome for family and friends.

My little blackberry galette turned out well. I admit I cheated and used a ready made 
pie crust this time as it was a last minute baking moment, usually I'd make my own. 
I sprinkled 1/4 cup of sliced almonds and a little demerara sugar in the center of the crust 
before adding the berries, which I'd tossed with a little flour to soak up extra juice which 
might make the crust soggy. I drizzled French Acacia honey over the berries and 
crust, plus a little more demerara sugar for sparkle - 25 minutes in a 425F oven and it was 
done to perfection.

We enjoyed it just plain for dessert in the gazebo that evening following orzo salad with 
grilled shrimps, and a nice glass of well-chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

I'm now gathering recipes for more galettes - peach and blueberry, apple, plum,
strawberry-rhubarb are on the list. 


  1. Hi Mary,

    Your blackberry galette looks scrumptious, thanks to your baking talent and wonderful food styling, too! Aren't the best baking moments the ones that aren't planned, but perhaps are a result of a craving or a memory of something delicious that was enjoyed in a particularly beautiful place? Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more posts of your amazing travels!


  2. Oh you completely captured all the yumminess of the galette. Beautiful! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Bonnie

  3. Oh boy, that does look delicious. I agree that the home-made, rustic look is the best. Looking forward to seeing the others.

  4. I'm not a cook, but that looks easy enough that I can do it. Rustic, oh yeah, I'm all over that! And I understand completely about being behind on editing. I can spend an enormous time on that task, particularly since I shoot in Camera Raw, so everything HAS to be run through Photoshop. Ah, but the results are so worth it!

  5. All the little touches you added to your beautiful Blackberry Galette would make it even more scrumptious. I love the rustic look of a galette. The French cooks of years ago had such great ideas.

  6. The galette looks so delicious and I do love the rustic look.
    I need to do more galettes or pies. Trying not to bake much
    as I reeeeeally need to lose weight, but oh how I love things
    like this.


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