Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heavenly figs……………

Good morning dear friends. Come join me in the 
kitchen this morning where I'm cooking up fig and 
ginger jam……first of the season.

Yesterday we picked this first batch of beautiful fresh figs………..a little earlier than 
usual in the season.  We've been watching those hundreds of tiny fruits for a couple of 
months now, hard and bright green, tucked between the lovely huge hand-shaped leaves. 
Nothing bothered them, not a squirrel or bird took a peck. Now, within three short days,
all has changed, their cheeks are blushing pink, they droop a wee bit on their tiny stems, 
meaning they are ripe, ready for eating, cooking, preserving.

We discontinued filling the nearby bird feeder several weeks ago, however the birds 
are coming in droves, especially robins, and we take turns playing 'scarecrow', 
dashing outside shouting and hand clapping. The birds fly off but return as soon 
as the screen door slams shut. This morning I spied a squirrel on a branch……our
garden residents are nibbling the sweet, ripening figs like there's no tomorrow.
We can't throw netting over the trees, now about 15 feet tall, and it would be 
awkward picking the fruits, so we'll share Nature's bounty as we have other years. 
We feel blessed that those two tiny trees planted several years ago are healthy and 
now extremely productive. 

Bob is the official fig picker around here. We have two trees, one a 
Brown Turkey, the other a Celeste. Last year only the Celeste bore fruit, this 
year both trees are loaded. I am the jam maker/chef.  
This fabulous cook book was a gift last year from my friend Sara in 
Southern California - I will be using it constantly during the fig harvesting 
weeks ahead - and hope to share more great recipes with you.


  1. What beautiful photos. I have never tried fig jam. Something I must put on my 'to do' list. :) Deb

  2. Your figs are beautiful. I love fresh figs and adore your jam!

  3. We love figs! I planted a fig tree (more like a fig stick) several years ago. Each year we have watched it grow producing more fruit than the previous year. We have yet to beat the birds and the squirrels to the figs. We netted the tree a few years ago. The branches grew through the netting making it difficult to remove. I was constantly rescuing a critter who could find their way in, but not out. My figs are still green...we will see who wins this year.... Happy fig preserve making....

  4. What a beautiful bounty! Gosh I wish we could grow them around here!

  5. Love seeing your figs and wondering what you will make.
    This is the first year I think we will get figs, but not sure what
    kind they are. They don't turn color, but stay green on the outside
    and slightly yellow on the inside. I watch every day too because
    I am so afraid the squirrels or raccoons or even birds will eat them.

  6. What a wonderful bounty of figs! I planted my first fig tree last fall and was amazed that it made it through the "winter that would never end". I'm ever hopeful that someday it will reward my patience with the same bounty your trees have given you. And what a lovely cookbook from your friend! And your exquisite photos are always a joy to behold! I could just hang out here all day long! Hope you don't mind my pinning, I just can't resist! ...Cindy from

  7. Yummm, I hope my name makes it onto one of those jars, hehe! I hope that our fig tree does okay... I'm worried that it's not going to grow, due to the pot size. I bought the tree as a 1-gallon potted fig tree, and the terra cotta pot that it's currently in is only slightly larger than 1 gallon. Think we should just plant it?

    Jasmin said that they received their invitations -- hoping you did, too! :)

    xo Cassie

  8. Those are some gorgeous figs - and a real treasure store! I shall enjoy seeing what you make with them and am so glad you have a good use for that recipe book.


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