Friday, July 18, 2014

Being square……………

These little square photos should look familiar - the original pics of my 
dining room are currently in my header!

Perhaps you too have found the company called Print Studio, and if so you will be 
familiar with their offerings, if not go see them HERE.
I'm thrilled with these contact cards - the quality of the printing, the silky smooth 
texture of the card stock, the ability to have my personal info on the back.
Easy to design online, fast service and good prices.
Next I'm going to have some of my photos printed as greeting cards - three sizes 
are available and they come with envelopes………

………and the beautiful leather bound book?  My gift to myself from Russia - a handmade 
journal to fill with special words.


  1. Oh my goodness, Mary. Your dining-room is just gorgeous. Is that a step-back cupboard in the photo? And your dishes....oh, I'd love to see more. Nice idea for greeting cards. They would remain keepers by the receiving end, I'm sure. Deb

  2. I have read about the print studio, but glad to read a review by a friend. I will check them out! I design and print personal cards at home. They are so handy to give out to acquaintances and during travels. I could see these photo cards also serving that purpose. I've been using Snapfish for greeting cards, but I would like to try out an alternative. Thanks! And you deserve that beautiful book!

  3. Those are lovely cards. I need to look into this print studio.
    I have been scrolling back and just love the pictures of St Petersburg. Wow! I am going back to look at them again!!

  4. I wonder if Print ships to Canada. I'll check them out after commenting here. Your cards are lovely. A fine journal makes writing in it such a delight. Do you journal every day, or as the spirit leads? For me, journaling has its ups and downs. I find I journal less now that I blog. A rather sad loss, in some ways. Writing is a good way to sort through the jumbled mess of thoughts that runs through my mind.
    Your blog is always so beautiful.

  5. Mary, thanks for the link. I'm off to visit. Love the idea!
    Your hand bound journal is the kind of souvenir I like to bring home too. It's both beautiful and useful, and you will always think of your trip when you write on its pages. '-)

  6. The gift to yourself of the book is a wonderful gift. It is beautiful!
    Love the square photos too. I will have to check out that company.


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