Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rostock Part II ~~~~ Auf Wiedersehen Germany

We continued to wander around attractive Rostock until late afternoon, stopping for a sandwich 
in an outdoor cafe, people watching over a coffee…

…and noting this very ornate frontage for TK Maxx (in the US known as TJ Maxx), 
we have nothing as elegant as this for a chain store venue.

Enjoyed visiting two historical churches……

St. Petrikirche (St. Peter's Church) in the oldest part of the town, started as a wooden church in the 
13th century, followed by a brick Gothic construction with a 380ft tower which served as a 
landmark for sailors for centuries. Air raids destroyed the tower and part of the church in 1942. 
After a long wait of 52 years, the tower was rebuilt to a height of 410ft, still the main landmark 
from the Baltic Sea.

We had a giggle walking down a cobblestone lane from the church when we stopped to view the colorful and quite unexpected murals - note the nudes enjoying the Bacchanalian-style feast.

Above, the beautiful St. Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church) was begun in the mid-13th century, but collapsed in 1398. The present building in late Gothic style contains a fascinating astronomical clock behind the altar dating back to 1472. It is amazingly elaborate and still works, able to predict phases of the moon with absolute accuracy - it is the oldest remaining piece of its kind. 


Later, a quick 20 min. ride back to Warnemunde - how we loved the comfy, spotlessly clean 
train and tram - then embarked Queen Victoria for the early evening sail away.

The people were out in force to wave us off…………from land and at sea.

It's not until you see small watercraft - here a car ferry and a Zodiac boat - up against a cruise ship,
that you can truly see/feel the difference in size!

…note the lighthouse, built in 1897 and still in use.

Beach still busy as the sun went down - it stays lighter much later in this part of Europe 
during the Summer months which is great for outdoor evenings on the water, entertainment etc.

Views from our balcony as we sailed away assisted by the Pilot boat.
Loved this sunny, fun part of Germany - certainly beat the Frankfurt airport!

Next port of call ~~~~~~ Copenhagen, Denmark.
See you there I hope!


  1. Beautiful town and photos! Gosh, you had a terrific vantage point from your ship! I'm thoroughly enjoying your trip photos.

  2. What beautiful and colorful and interesting photos, dear one. I am loving seeing your trip thru your camera. You do such a great job with it.

  3. Lovely images of Germany - I was really surprised on my first visit to Germany at how ornate and beautiful the churches are there. I had imagined them to be very stark and Lutheran, but as your photos show that is not the case. I did enjoy seeing the 1960s look you have given those beach photos and that wonderful yellow sky.

  4. I love the charming architecture of Rostock Mary. You are naughty giggling at the nudie murals. Kind of reminds me of "The darling buds of May" I used to love watching them eating those humongous breakfastS in the bath!!!

  5. Stunningly beautiful. The colors are amazing!!!!

  6. The colour really hits you with this beautiful city. The architecture, the art, the elegance, all wrapped up in an amazing trip through your eyes.

  7. Yes, I do agree, much better than the Frankfurt airport.
    It is stunning to float into a dock such as this on a huge ship.
    We did this in Venice and we still talk about it. What a lovely stop.

  8. Rostock and the waterway are just so fascinating! You say in the post in between that you are not the best photographer, and still learning. I find your photos wonderful! very artistic! So is your prose. I love blogging with other creative people! I envy your travels, but sure enjoy getting to join in here on the blog. I meant to say in Part I that the movement of the water with the figures in the fountain is so inviting! I enjoyed learning more about you, and have enjoyed catching up!


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