Friday, July 25, 2014

Rostock Part I ~ Sunday in the Park

Medieval Rostock appears smaller than it really is due to miles of undulating countryside and forests around the town. Sadly some of the magnificent buildings were destroyed in WWII, however you can still see grand marketplaces, bridges, city ramparts and gates. Even the newer buildings were designed in the traditional style of red brick and stepped gables. 
Rostock has the distinction of being Northern Germany's oldest university town and has a top school for the performing arts…..and apparently brews an excellent beer.

That said, we did notice Rostock's complement of artistic public places, so clean and displaying some beautiful statuary, such as the park fountains which had become climbing, and resting, places for the locals enjoying their Sunday afternoon. The town center is relatively compact so it was easy to take in many sites during our enjoyable couple of hours of walking.

Can you imagine a warm 'day in the park' here - the atmosphere was really wonderful…….

……foot tapping music enjoyed by all age groups……

…and the huge community family picnic set up in the lovely colorful square….

The pedestrian shopping area……..

We loved Sunday in the Park here - and having spectacular weather with such 
blue skies made it perfect.

Part II coming soon.


  1. Gosh, what a pretty little city! Wonderful photos!

  2. Wow!!! Sensational fountain. Lovely gabled houses. A beautiful place and well captured in your photos.

  3. Hi Mary. I've not been able to visit lately but did view your recent posts and enjoyed the beauty of the cities and countries you recently visited. I hope you are enjoying your summer. It's going by so fast isn't it? Take care. xx Pam

  4. What a gorgeous place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Love the architecture and so glad the old styles were re-constructed after the war. Your photos are just lovely.

  5. I'm enjoying your tours. Rostock looks great - some lovely photos there.

  6. Mary,

    Your photos of the very artistic and culturally evident Rostock are so very beautiful! My goodness, such bold and bright colour everywhere! The town seems like it's booming with brilliant creative minds and talent. Thanks so much for introducing it to me!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. A very interesting city to explore. I love the architecture and as always your photos are stunning. Many thanks for taking us along.
    Farm Gal in VA

  8. Oh, my, your colorful photos just take my breath away....

  9. Beautiful! I almost thought it looked like the Netherlands instead of Germany.
    The building are beautiful and yes it does look clean. Loved seeing the picnic.
    Then the fountain was just delightful.

  10. Incredible photos! Love the beautiful buildings and that wonderful fountain! I have some catching up to do! And of course, much more travel sharing coming up in the next few weeks. We were gone for 13 days, but I got behind much further with some people, and it takes a bit to catch up. Lovely photos!


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