Saturday, July 19, 2014

A country residence……

Tsarskoye Selo, The Tsar's Village, is the stunning country development on land given to 
Catherine the Great by her husband Peter the Great.

Luba, our fabulous Russian guide, on right above, managed to get us admission to 
Catherine Palace through a side entrance thereby skipping the huge crowds.

Detail of the ceiling paintings and ornate gilding of the Grand Hall. This enormous room with
an area of 846 square meters is permeated with a sense of majesty.

Paintings of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, the Romanovs, whom 
along with their four children, were executed in 1918.  This tragedy you will be familiar with if 
you've ever been interested in the stories (and the movie) of the daughter Anastasia, Rasputin, and 
the Russian Revolution.

Church of the Resurrection in the east wing of the palace.

Again, another remarkable St. Petersburg palace complex - these pics just showing a fraction 
of the opulence, and give one more to ponder on regarding the vast difference between the
rulers and the people of this country when under the Tsars.

Next port of call, lovely Stockholm, Sweden, the 750 year old capital built on 14 islands and 
connected by 57 bridges.


  1. Such elegance. Beautiful photos, Mary.

  2. Incredible. Unbelievable. I can't even fathom such riches! Great photos, Miz Mary!

  3. That is just so stunning! I am awe struck by all that gold leaf, and those two blue-and-white ceramic "stoves" I think they are? To heat the room. And, what a beautiful icon in your last photo! Yes, it is so sad to think of how the Tzar and his family came to their tragic ends.

  4. Wow...that dining-room. Can you just imagine the meals that were served in there. Sad ending, though.

  5. It's all so stunning. I love the colours, so much lighter than I would have expected. I suppose with the long winters every bit of light would be precious and the lighter colours would reflect any sunshine there was. I cannot fathom such immense wealth living next to abject poverty.

  6. Such opulence! The shade of blue I see is just stunning.
    How I would love visiting here. It seems stunning and opulence
    are words we can't resist with just this glimpse of beauty like this.

  7. Wow, this is stunning! You make me long to take a trip to this amazing country residence.


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