Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bathing Beauties~~~~~~~~~~

One of many interesting pieces of art hanging in the 
elevator lobbies of Cunard's beautiful Queen Victoria.

Whether poolside, lakeside, or at the ocean, remember 
your sunscreen and wide-brimmed hat~~~~~~and have a fun time.


  1. It's quite overcast today, after lots of rain yesterday. It's all welcome, as the sun promises to return tomorrow. For now, I am glad to have a day off from watering!

  2. What a fun painting! I'm cracking up at the shoes...hope no one falls in.

  3. The hats, the bathing suits, and the heels...quite a combination.

  4. I love that painting!! Enjoy!!

  5. What a great painting!! I do wear a hat and sun screen when I go out...

  6. Love the art.
    Need a wide brim hat for travel.
    Do you take one? I saw one yesterday
    from Travel Smith and again thought of it.
    Hope your weekend was delightful.

  7. Love the fun painting - and the header is great!!!!!

  8. After a rainy weekend and a cloudy morning the sun came out in full force and it's hot and a bit humid. Love the poster. I won't be wearing the swim suit, but I'll gladly put on a wide-brimmed hat.

  9. I made the silly mistake of cycling along the beach through the surf for several miles without sunscreen earlier in the year. My poor celtic skin has only just forgiven me. Never again. We underestimate the power of the sun, it can be so vicious.


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