Monday, December 1, 2014

Leaving our footprints. . . . . .

It was such a fun weekend. 
The beach in November is still fabulous. . . . . . . . . .
when the sun shines and you have a granddaughter along to get you out 
and walking in the brisk air, while you in turn give her driving lessons on 
shoreline roads…..what more could two senior citizens want! 

Sunset as only sunset can be at the coast.

Jasmin's senior school chorus, of which she is Student Director this year, is 
named the Sanderson Sandpipers. It seemed quite fitting that her beach 
companion was the sandpiper, wading elegantly, unbothered by 
the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. . . . .

We left our footprints in the cold sand. . . . . Bob, Jasmin, Mary

We wished we could be on a fishing boat, close to the pelicans and gulls.  
Instead we enjoyed the catch - ocean fresh flavorful shrimp and 
flounder cooked to perfection that evening, sitting in a restaurant with the 
ocean lapping the sands outside the window. . . . . . . . . .

We braved the icy water and foam - taking pics and looking for shells. . . . . . .

If sunset was lovely, sunrise was fantastic.
Pelicans already hunting for breakfast - later dolphins were playing
 in the ocean right outside our hotel windows.

Keeping up the annual tradition - a photo of us in the beach hotel room closet doors!

Hope you enjoy these 'postcards' from the North Carolina coast.
Do you like to visit the beach in the off-season?


  1. What beautiful pictures. Your granddaughter is also beautiful .

  2. Oh yes, I love the ocean in winter. I think Jim and I must go in January or February.
    Your ocean photos and the photos of all of you are just so special. I noticed right
    away that sandpiper walking with Jasmin and then when you explained it became even
    more special. I just know it was a wonderful time away.

  3. Mary! You documented your visit with the beautiful Jasmin so wonderfully. Every picture is more beautiful than the other. Her foot is the same shape as yours.
    This was a delightful, very enjoyable post!

  4. Lovely beach photos. So glad you braved the cold water to take a walk on the beach. A walk on the beach is a necessity regardless of the season!
    Farm Gal in VA

  5. Beautiful photos, Mary. The beach is wonderful. I like going for walks on the sand at any time of year. Jasmine is such a lovely girl. I'm so glad you were able to spend this time together.

  6. Loved receiving your postcards! I love the beach out of season, one of favourite walks is on the beach at Vireville. Really looking forward to walking on South Beach, HHI once again in March 2015.

  7. What a lovely get away! I'm longing for a little beach time, but don't see any in my near future. Will have to be happy with your beautiful photos. '-)
    Jasmin is such a beautiful young woman. Glad you three had some time together.

  8. Mary I tried to pick a favourite but couldn't as they are all wonderful photos. The foot prints for me appeared to stand up not down or in.

  9. I love your photos!! They are amazing. It would be fun to visit the beach on a day like that but not up here! Well, unless it was yesterday when it was really warm. Not today!! :) What a lovely time you must have had with Jasmin. I like the photo of her and the sandpiper on the beach. xx Pam

  10. I love the beach any time of the year. If I had my choice I would live at the beach.

  11. Fabulous trip and photos. I love the ocean in the off season - our coastline up here is more rugged and rocky - but spectacular just the same.

  12. Beautiful photos, Mary. So glad you had a wonderful time, the three of you together.

  13. Dear Mary, Your photographs are stunning. Makes me want to pack up and go visit.

  14. Gorgeous photos! What a wonderful weekend! You all look so happy. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and will have a blessed, happy Christmas as well. See that you are taking a break over December. Just wanted to tell you, if you do decide to come to AZ some time to visit family, April is palo verde blooming time, and early summer presents the cactus blooms. Either time would be awesome!

  15. Those are just wonderful shots, Mary. I'm a bit behind...


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