Monday, April 20, 2015

Goodbye to Queen of the Night. . . . . . . .

Queen of the Night

The rain pounded on the roof last night, sending gurgling rivulets of muddy water 
down the back garden, pooling around the gazebo and deck, stirring sand, clay, 
gravel into a murky mess.
I was happy I took photos on Saturday as now the azalea blossoms are scattered 
about the soggy garden, branches bowing to the ground under the weight of water.
April showers became a storm ~ Nature can be less than gentle.

Thank you for the generous comments on my previous garden post.
I too would enjoy having you each here to share a nice cup of tea, and something
sweet to nibble on, while we talked about the hard work and huge pleasures a 
garden brings.

The tulips were literally swept off their stems in the storm.
However, a little forethought, and a growing love for flowers at 
the end of their blooming cycle, produced these.

Queen of the Night ~ a tulip of a dark maroon which looks almost
black when it first opens. They are quite stunning mixed with pink
or white tulips blooming at the same time.
I noticed that the last phase of bloom changed the petals, they
became lighter with shades of purple, plum, aubergine, ink blue,
really magnificent.
I cut tulips for these images just knowing I would enjoy playing with them 
before their petals fell and drifted away on a Spring breeze. 


  1. The deep purple tulip mixed with white is my favorite. How beautiful that is. Love your photos, Mary and I look forward to more of your garden.

  2. Such a beautiful color of tulip! We had storms all day yesterday. Thunder storms this morning and now the sun it out. We are suppose to get more rain this afternoon.

  3. Exquisite Mary, like a beautiful piece of rich taffeta or damask fabric.
    Spring can be so fickle.
    I meant to say in my last comment, could you ask your neighbour to take a photo of your wisteria when it flowers?
    It would be a shame to miss it!
    Much love
    Shane x

  4. Oh no, poor flowers! It is only 38 degrees here right now and very windy, so I moved my potted pansies and herbs into the garage to protect them. I just scrolled down to see your garden post and wow! Your flowers are stunning. I guess it's living in the usually don't see such prolific displays of flowers here in the Midwest.

  5. What magnificent color on these tulips. I often let my tulips stay in the vase until they drop their petals.
    They are just beautiful at the end of their lives as they were when freshly blossoming. Beautiful!

  6. Those tulips have such rich colours. Too bad about the storm. Nature is often rough on her beauty, isn't she?


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