Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If only. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . everything was perfect in the world.

One afternoon last week I went to my dentist for a cleaning and check up.
The day was beautiful, indeed almost perfect. Earlier I'd gone to my 
physiotherapy session to be stretched, to cycle, to walk the treadmill, 
to do a lot of leg/hip exercises etc.  
Driving home from that session I was thrilled to see the dogwood blossoms
opening, new leaves greening, azaleas ready to burst through, and pollen yet
to arrive! Sturdy tulips and jonquils wafted in the breeze, drifts of white thrift 
and soft lavender creeping phlox spilled over curbs and garden walls.
A few people were mowing, the dull drone of machines tempered by the 
music of loud birdsong always so lovely at this season.
Ever thankful for Spring's arrival, this year it feels even more special after
such a long hard Winter. 
I said a little prayer. I was so thankful for that day.

Later, leaving the dentist's office, I came close to perhaps being seriously 
injured, even killed. I waited to pull out for a left turn onto a main road. The red light 
was very long but I waited patiently, no rush to get to any other appointments that day.
I saw the three lanes of traffic each way slowing both left and right, then stopping, 
and my light turned green. I started to pull out but something made me brake. 
To my left came a car at very high speed, continuing through the red light 
just missing me. I was shocked, but so grateful I had hesitated.

Everything is far from perfect in the world, especially currently.
We, the ordinary people don't really want much. 
Safety for our loved ones, and ourselves, comes at the top of the list.
Each day can be wonderful with simple things and good health.
Nature's abundance around us is so important. . . . . be thankful, 
perhaps with a special prayer.

My kitchen window where the pair of Carolina wrens are back and busy in the window box.
They're building a neat, snug nest under a clump of purple violas, shaded by a mini conifer.

Right now all is well. Stay safe dear friends, and tiny birds.


  1. You were being looked after at that moment. I'm glad nothing awful happened.

  2. Yes, If we stay safe all the rest will fall into place. That is what I pray for.
    We finally have some yellow daffodils. I couldn't be more pleased to see them.

  3. Mary, I'm glad you hesitated at that intersection. I had the exact thing happen to me last week. I was at a red light at a very busy intersection with 3 lanes each way and when it turned green I started out after looking both ways to make sure the cars were all stopped. Thankfully my peripheral vision is still good as I saw this vehicle come sailing through and turning in the street I was on! She went right through a red light! You should have seen the look on her face as she realized what she had done. I kind of smiled then realized what a horrific crash that would have been as I know my car would have been hit very hard and spun around hitting the one in the lane beside me. I proceeded to the mall area and thanked God for his protection and my good vision. A split second is all it takes to change our lives for good or bad. I'm glad we both were 'on the ball' aren't you? Your photos of the bouquet in the window are lovely and how fun to watch the wrens build their nest so closely. Have a lovely day. I'm off to town and will pass through that same intersection again today with great care. xx Pam

  4. Mary, I am so grateful you are alright! That happened to me once. MY turn arrow turned green, but a homeless man crossed in front of me walking a bike, so I had to wait a few seconds. Just as I started to go, a car sped through the intersection. If I didn't have to wait for the homeless man I am sure I would have been killed. I think that homeless man was really my guardian angel

  5. Oh so glad you listened to your inner self and braked for that second. Don was sitting at a light and it went green - he was slow to begin pulling out - a car came careening around from the intersection - hit him scare in the front end of the car (the other car swerved into Don's lane) - fortunately the impact was absorbed by the front of the car - the police said if Don had pulled out when the light turned green his passenger would have more than likely been killed by the side impact. Scary stuff out there - we always are cautious before pulling out from an intersection - just in case.

    Be safe - and happy - you and the little birds.

  6. Glad nothing happened! Lately I think people have been driving especially crazy and rudely. It's frustrating.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Mary!! So glad you are okay, and that you hesitated, almost as if it was intuitive. If one looks back on all the times that could have turned out differently, and for the worse, it can be quite scary. I think we've all had moments like yours, when replaying the 'scene that could have been' makes us truly appreciate our health and safety. Your flowers by the window are bold and bright and pretty, and didn't hesitate to bring a smile to my face.:))

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  8. Dear Mary,

    You must have had a good guardian angel! Something similar happened to my youngest daughter years ago.....I still remember the incident clearly. Really happy to hear you trusted your intuition.

    Your visit to Jane and Lance sounds really exciting. You will have a fabulous time!!! Please send them my love.

    Wishing you a good time!

    Madelief x

  9. Oh my goodness, Mary, how scary! I am so glad that your intuition (or guardian angel?) had you pause before going through the intersection. {{hugs}}

  10. Oh so glad you are safe. Crazy driver!!!!
    Lovely words and thoughts for sure.
    Then those jonquils are just lovely.

  11. I am so thankful that you are safe. And I wish you safe travels on your trip.........we are looking forward to hearing about it as well. Such beautiful spring flowers.
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. What a lovely post, it really touched my heart. And I do wish that life would not be so broken at times, but alas....
    I pray everyday for God's protection....and place my children and loved ones in his hands. What else to do?
    Stay safe and thank you so much for the beauty....

  13. Dear Mary, It never hurts to take a second look or take a minute to look the situation over. I am glad that you were not sidetracked with everything that is going on in your life right now.
    The sun shining on your pretty Jonquils make your photograph extra special.


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