Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My gift from canvaspop, and one for you!

If you are interested in a fantastic Giveaway - read on!

Recently I was contacted by Kristoffer
from the company called canvaspop
This online printing company has a "huge passion for quality art, photography 
and home decor". 
Kristoffer, who found my blog, offered me a free 16"X20" canvas print 
and hoped I would review their product here.
My print arrived yesterday and I must say I am thrilled with it.  
I wholeheartedly agree that this company is all that it states it to be on 
their website HERE
Excellent customer service - ease in ordering - fabulous product.
Be certain to watch their video showing the process of turning your photo, or 
any photo you love, into a piece of beautiful art to hang on your wall.

How do you pick a special photo to turn into 'art' for your home or office?
If, like me, and most bloggers, you take a lot of photos, so you have many which you 
might enjoy seeing on your walls.

Personally, some very special days remain vividly in my memory from my 
overseas travels of the past several years and naturally I took a lot of 
photos in many countries.

Often it's a place and its people. The smallest nudge brings back the sights, 
sounds, colors and smells. Sometimes it's the smiles on the faces.
My day in Cochin, India a couple of years ago is one of those days.
I took many photos of the beautiful children and their mothers. I chose one
image for its colors and the lovely woman working diligently to support her family. 
Recently I have been collecting my many images of women around the world to do 
a special post. I just know there will be others I will want to have turned into these 
wonderful canvas prints. . . . . . . and  canvaspop will definitely be the company 
I'll be using.

Perfect timing - Kristoffer worked with me to assure my art would arrive after I 
returned from a trip - and not be left outside on the porch.  My canvas was 
carefully wrapped and shipped in a sturdy box ensuring no damage.

On opening the package I was immediately thrilled with the print. The colors are perfect, 
the image is amazingly sharp having been enlarged from my original small photo. 
I had the option of wrapping the print around the sides of the frame but, as I wanted 
to keep as much of the beautiful cobalt blue tones in the background at the top, 
decided on the white sides. The piece arrived with a hanger. 
Below you see it now on the wall here in my office where I'll be enjoying it every 
day when here at my desk.

So now the best part, for you my readers!

is offering one free 16"X20" print with a 0.75" deep wrap 
(just like mine) with free shipping - a great deal!
You must live in the US or Canada to win.

Please leave a comment on this post only - I will draw the winning name next week on Friday, April 10, 2015 

Also, any other commenters will be able to receive a 35% off discount on any size canvas with a discount code I will share from canvaspop

Come on, join in. Hang some beautiful art on your walls.


  1. That is a beautiful print Mary. The colours are so rich in it. I'd love the chance to win one too as I have lots of photos that could be done. I just keep putting it off. Thank you. Have a great day. xx Pam

  2. Wow, the colors did turn out beautifully bright! Looking forward to seeing this print hanging in your office on my next visit! Hope you both enjoyed your trip to DC -- we are going next weekend for a beer and wine festival with Patrick and Michelle. April is looking busyyy, but let's all plan a weeknight dinner sometime soon! Perhaps next week? Let me know what your schedule looks like! xx

  3. What a beautiful print. The colors would blend in nicely in many decors. . Thanks Mary for offering your blogging friends a chance to win. hugs.

  4. What a beautiful job they've done for you! I would be very happy to be entered in this draw. Thank you!

  5. Your artwork is gorgeous - such rich colors. I have some photos I want to print on to canvas; just haven't gotten around to it. I'm off to explore the video on the CanvasPop site. I'd love the chance to win.

  6. I do have just the photo I have been wanting to print. How I would love this. Your photo is just gorgeous!

  7. Your photo/canvas is awesome! And of course I would love to do one of my own.

  8. Oh, my goodness, the canvas brings such dimension to your photo. The colors are so vivid and the textures seem touchable. It's just lovely. I have a shot of a round barn in VT that I have (for a while) said I would like to have blown up and framed, but the canvas is a much better idea! Thanks, Mary, for sharing your experience.

  9. what a lovely give away!! I have been looking for a good place to have photos put onto canvas....looks like I showed up at just the right time. Don't know how you chose a print to have so many gorgeous photos of your travels!

  10. Really beautiful, you have choosen a good phot

  11. What a great give away Mary. I love canvas wrapped pictures and have a few.

  12. That photo is wonderful. I'm sure it it a great addition to your office. I have a photo of the Gulf that my grand daughter took while on Spring Break that I would love to see on a wrapped canvas. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. Your choice for a canvas wrapped picture is excellent. The change of colors is striking and the subject is intriguing. Today, I will need to start my hunt for a photo to use, should I be the selected winner! Thank you.

    Mary in Oregon

  14. Pick me, pick me! The photo you selected is positively lovely, and the colors are especially vibrant. I will go check them out. Gosh, I wonder if they help by converting your digital image to the correct printing profile. I've never had a photo canvas done. I would be hard pressed to figure out which photos I would want printed!

  15. Gorgeous choice, Mary. The colors are so vivid in the photo you chose. It's stunning! I don't know how I'd narrow it down, but I would rise to the challenge!


  16. Stunning, Mary! You are an amazing photographer.
    Happy Easter to you and Bob!

  17. With all of your beautiful photographs it must have been a challenge to choose one. However, you made an excellent choice and it turned out so well on canvas. The colors and background textures are so lifelike.
    This is such a perfect giveaway for we bloggers who like to take photos... and lots of them :).

  18. I missed your giveaway, but wanted to say, what a beautiful photo! Just came over here from Tammy's blog. Very nice blog.

    1. No dear, you didn't miss a chance to win - I'm not drawing a winner until NEXT Friday - you will be included!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Mary -

  19. Your photos are all so beautiful, Mary. Know it must have been very difficult to select one for the canvaspop.
    I don't comment much but I quietly enjoy...hope that is okay.

    Congratulations to you and Bob on your special anniversary! Something to be very proud of...50 years!

    Hope your Easter was special. Your purple flower is gorgeous!
    Have a good week.


  20. I have enjoyed your blog for so long...and never commented. I always travel with you, enjoy your antiquing adventures, and hope for the relationship with my grandgirls that you have with your Jasmine... Beautiful photos Mary- and I love the one you selected for all the "right" reasons! Thank you for your blog....
    Donna in SC

  21. Your photo is great! You have a good eye for composition. Thanks for the giveaway, someone is going to be very happy! :-)

  22. I just found your blog from Loi's Tone on Tone, and I love it! And just my luck you are having this giveaway. Well, it will be lucky if I win, that is. =) Happy travels!

  23. I found you from the Tone on Tone blog. Mary your work is stunning and the print is beautiful! I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!

  24. That is a gorgeous picture. I wish my travel pics turned out as well but I would love to win this to get one of them made into a print.

  25. That photo is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I'm so happy to find your blog... through "Tone on Tone"!


I would enjoy reading your comment - thanks so much for stopping by.

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