Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lovely lighting and shopkeeping............

Isn't this a stunning chandelier?  Now hanging, and electrified (thank you Bruce) I just had to share the latest lighting piece in my booth at SuzAnna's Antiques.  

Couple of shoppers have already shown interest in it, however, I really would like it to remain unsold for a little while so I can admire it. That's what happens when you buy things you love yourself! Perhaps I'll have it for sale after I return from England - then I'll have more time to replace it with another if necessary.

Another new piece is actually quite old and French!  A kitchen table/counter with its original finish and a lower shelf which would be great for a collection of large pots.....very French farmhouse.

OK, the adorable rabbit, as of yesterday, had not run off to spend Easter at someone's home.......and if he's still there tomorrow I guess it means he's coming home with me after all!

Vanessa (her lovely new space adjoins mine) has some really pretty girly things.............the pink pointe ballet slippers are perfect for a dance-themed little girl's room.

All photos were taken yesterday by my granddaughter, Jasmin, when we stopped by the shop as part of her Spring Break day with me.  Great news is, Jasmin was offered her first job by Susie!  She may just have a little weekend/Summer job coming up!  How wonderful that will be......a chance to learn the antiques business at such a young age, and alongside the nicest people who make Suzanna's Antiques the very special place it is.


  1. Gorgeous booth Mary! I could shop all day!
    I wish i was closer...so many treasures i would love to have!
    Pamela xo

  2. Everything looks fabulous! I'm happy for Jasmin, she will love working there with the gals! Love, Vanessa

  3. It all looks so pretty, Mary. And, good for Jasmin. That would be a wonderful experience for her.

  4. I LOVE the chandelier too. I'm more than amazed your dear little bunny is still there...I think he's not showing his best to prospective purchasers on purpose - he WANTS to live with you!
    So pleased for Jasmin - oh to have had that chance....

  5. Lovely pictures, Mary. I was planning a trip over there early this week, but post-storm it seemed best to wait a couple of days. So I may appear on your doorstep tomorrow, weather permitting.

  6. I wonder how French antiques arrived in America?!

  7. That's wonderful for Jasmin to be able to have such an interesting summer job. Your booth is lovely and that chandelier really sets everything off.

  8. lovely!!

    off to see more.
    barbara jean

  9. What a beautiful blog AND booth! You really have a great eye. I'm a follower of Living Boldly and she was bragging on your tags, so I popped in to see for myself. GREAT job! Your tags are beautiful TOO. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

  10. Hi sweet Mary!!! My goodness girl...your space is absolutely breathtaking to me!!!! I would so love to look around ~ I always, ALWAYS love your taste and how you display your treasures. I hope you are doing so good dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  11. Hi Mary!
    Your post takes me back to the days I had a space in an antique store. I loved that time so much. It's true, you buy what you love, then don't want to part with it! Your space looks so wonderful. I'll take it all, please!
    Congrats to Jasmin for her first job! Wishing you a Happy Easter too!


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