Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boating, birds, and the rescue........................

The day we went out early to enjoy breakfast on the water, we broke down! While awaiting the Plumas County Sheriff, who towed our ailing boat back to a safe harbor on the lake, I managed to photograph several Ospreys in the trees, and this Grebe on the water.  Looking for more info. here I was delighted to learn more about these diving water birds.

The 'good guys' coming to our rescue in a powerful little boat......................

............Paula and Jasmin enjoying just another day on beautiful Lake Almanor.  The tow took almost an hour as we were waaaaay on the other side of the lake - the thermostat had broken on Paula's boat. We actually enjoyed taking the slow route home.  It gave us more time to really look at the scenery and chat, despite having to wear the life jackets and all move to the back of the boat per the sheriff's request.........
...............even Bob relaxed and started working on his tan!  


  1. Now that sounds like a nice adventure on the lake. And you were rescued by the sheriff! Beautiful pictures. Is it still really hot where you live?

  2. Sounds to me like you eally enjoyed the experience.

  3. Mary, I haven't had much computer time of late, but I've enjoyed all these photos of your time at Lake Almanor. What a beautiful spot to relax. That water looks cool and refreshing. ~ Sarah

  4. We have had our share of break downs on the lake and the worst were before we had cell phones available! I'm glad you were able to take advantage of the long, slow tow back! Your pictures are always such a treat! That is a beautiful bird!


  5. Sounds and looks like you made to best out of a not fun thing. Bob looks totally relaxed. Jasmin is more beautiful than ever. And the water and birds are a definite plus to the adventure.


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