Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flights of fancy...........part II

Yesterday, we took the sightseeing flight over Mt. second time as I did it last year, Bob's first and his birthday gift from Paula.

Meeting up with Dan, our pilot, for the wonderful flight in his in the bag ready for snapping non-stop!

Before heading for the mountain, Dan flew us over Paula's home - the middle house with the blue awning covered dock.

Here you can see some of the lakes in the Lassen Volcanic Park  still have surface ice - it was a severe Winter here with unusually heavy snowfalls......................

...............the solidified volcanic ash on the lower right flowed into Juniper Lake following the 1915 eruption of Mt. hasn't erupted since...............

..............the cinder cone has a trail to the top, there were a few hikers visible near the bottom as we flew over.

More pictures another time from the air, also from a fabulous road trip through fabulous uncrowded Lassen Volcanic Park. 


  1. What a wonderful birthday treat! It's lovely to think of you in that crisp northern California air.

  2. Just like in Out of Africa! Lovely.
    Those fir trees look as though you could reach down a pick them for a bouquet.

  3. What a treat to see all that from so high up! Happy Birthday to Bob...a fellow August birthday person!

  4. What a lovely birthday gift. It is so fun to see from the air. That cinder cone is amazing. We keep saying we will go up on Mt. St. Helens and take in the view, but have not yet done this.

  5. What gorgeous photos! Wow! Amazing what one can see from above. The volcano cone is beautiful and the lava flow into the lake is breathtaking. Actually, being in a small plane would take my breath away. I couldn't do it. Scared of heights. Oh my. Our daughter got to go flying over the city where they live yesterday and took pics. Not me. Feet on the ground thank you! Hugs to you Mary.

  6. Flightseeing, lucky Bob. Lucky you. That cinder volcanic cone is incredible, a powerful reminder of what Mother Nature can do. Wonderful photos all around, thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Really interesting pics. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stunning pics! Amazing view from up above, thanks.


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