Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boating blues......Round Valley Lake greens..........

Still having lower back problems so have only kayaked once so far and the jet ski rides are on hold as they are bumpy! I'm really upset about this of course. Have been out on the motorboat some, love riding around this gorgeous lake which covers approx. 55 sq. miles.  The blues of the mountains in Lassen Volcanic Park surrounding the lake are lovely, and the water - deep and blue - beckons from daybreak until sunset.

Mt. Lassen above Lake Almanor - taken from the boat

A short drive to Round Valley brought its own rewards when it came to color.  Still the blue water but what amazed me was the brilliant lime green of these leaves.  Floating water plants, anchored to the lake bottom no doubt, but dancing in the sunlight on the rippling water..............

...........from the distance these beds of leaves appeared as land.

Round Valley Lake, Plumas County

Apologies for not commenting on your blogs while I'm here in California.........time online is somewhat limited.  As you can imagine, life revolves around the outdoors and fresh air anyway.
I'll catch up with you when I get back!


  1. Looks gorgeous, Mary. I hope your back gets better soon - I know how annoying that can be!


  2. Wonderful photos again today Mary. I'm sorry your back is still not doing so great that you can't enjoy the water as you'd like. However, it appears to be very pleasant to watch it from the shore (or a boat). A great place to relax and unwind with a cup of tea, a good book and a camera! Blessings, Pamela

  3. It is soooo beautiful there Mary. I wish I could see it in person. I bet the air smells so fresh.

    I hope your back heals so, so that you can enjoy they rest of your stay there.

  4. I can smell that clean crisp air - lovely.
    Lower back problem? stand or lay down, don't sit. Walk as much as possible.If that doesn't work find a handsome masseur and let him work his magic.
    Dr. JJ F.

  5. Mary, don't spend your lake visit inside on a computer. Take advantage of every minute outdoors in this beautiful spot. And take care of that back. You've got a big year of travel ahead of you. ;-)
    Sending hugs your way ~ Sarah

  6. Wonderful pictures, again. And the blue of the water is gorgeous. Those water lilies, however, are invasive and will eventually kill a lake, unfortunately.

  7. i truly do understand Mary that you do not have a time to answer on posts when you are travelling in such a magnificent place ;)! i am happy to see that part of the world.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Would love to visit! :)

  9. Just enjoy yourself.....and keep posting stunning photos!

  10. Hi Mary,
    I've just spent a few enjoyable minutes catching up on your lake days.....what a blissful place it looks.
    Hope your back is feeling better soon and you can get out in your kayak once more.

  11. Mary, it is just gorgeous there. You are so right to stay outside and enjoy it all.

    I hope your back is feeling better very soon.

  12. You have some amazing photographs! What a beautiful place ... I would hate to have to leave. Hope your back is better.


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