Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricanes and garden friends...............

Here it is - Saturday morning and Hurricane Irene is still lashing at and churning along the North Carolina coast headed for NYC and points north.  My thoughts are with everyone on the eastern seaboard. I'm hoping people are safe and damage to property and the delicate coastline is not severe.

These photos were taken on Thursday before the storm, and while it was still a gleam in the media's, always desperate for bad news, eye.  In the steamy heat of the afternoon, one of our large family of resident backyard squirrels decided one hickory nut was not enough for a teatime snack, so had lined up two on the deck rail.  All that was missing was a teapot!

When he/she saw me snapping from the kitchen window, a few minutes were spent suspended while nibbling....................

..............then back to the rail to enjoy the remainder of the feast.

No squirrels about this morning as the storm passes through, however a fox walked past our branch/twig strewn deck, and a sweet Carolina Wren just sat on the arm of a porch chair and peered in through the dining room window.  Don't you wonder where these little creatures go in bad weather?  Flimsy squirrel nests, high in the buffeted tree branches, don't seem safe, and birds just seem to completely disappear into the wet and wild greenery until the all clear sounds.

Staying close to home all day while the trees continue to sway and debris falls around us, but have a theatre date this evening  - hopefully it won't be canceled due to the weather.  Tomorrow back in the steamy nineties and of course a day of garden clean up tops the 'to do' list.  

This year in North Carolina we survived a horrendous tornado in April, felt an earthquake (last week), and are now battling a major hurricane.............why do I feel I should be moving?  Oh well, that's not going to happen any time soon...........perhaps it's practice for my upcoming ocean adventure where, on the other side of the world, roiling seas and the odd rogue iceberg may be my only concerns!

Stay safe dear friends in the path of Irene.


  1. I've been thinking about you, your house and garden and your little booth and hoping all stays dry and undisturbed.
    The squirrel photos was sweet - and a tea cup and a mob cap would have completed the picture!

  2. o! how lovely that squirrel is Mary!
    you have been on my thoughts ever since i read about this hurricane.
    you seem to live in such a wonderful place, full of nature creatures. doesn't seeing them makes life much more richer and magical?


  3. Sweet pictures of Mr. Squirrel! They are so fun to watch aren't they? I hope you don't have too much debris from the storm. We are enjoying a gorgeous calm before the storm day here. Blessings, Pamela

  4. beautiful pictures, beautiful story about the squirrel ! Thanx for sharing. I live in the town of Rotterdam,so...I am thinking of you over there and be save to you too, you need it more, wish you the best,
    Love from the Netherlands,

  5. I know! I said to Kent, when we lived in Florida we left because of the we have earthquakes and still hurricanes! Except that over here in Asheville we just are having mild 10-15 mph winds and a little overcast skies.


  6. Looks like your little friend isn't watching the weather channel and don't have anything over here in Asheville area but have all of those involved in our thoughts. Take care.

  7. I have been thinking of you too .... wondering if the earthquake had an impact in your part of the world ... and now Irene! Tornadoes are always a threat when hurricanes hit, please stay safe.

  8. That was a very BEatrix Potter squirrel!
    The hurricane is very worrying. We are following news of it on TV, and see that evacuation has begun.

  9. I've been watching two doves build a nest in a planter box across the courtyard from us. I even saw the egg. I now worry about the poor female dove sitting there in all of the rain we've been having.

  10. Hello Mary,
    I have just enjoyed going through your posts and seeing your photographs, always beautiful. Glad to hear you are safe, the hurricane is worrying. We are having some stormy weather, here the wind is really bashing everything and the fields are getting waterlogged with all the rain.
    I expect you will be planning your next trip, looks very special with all your islands to visit, many photographic opportunities I am sure. Time seems to fly by and I am always busy, just finished my quilt and i am pleased with the way it has turned out.
    Best wishes Eileen x

  11. Good to hear the storm is passed where you live. Good luck with cleaning your yard. I am looking forward to your next adventure.

  12. I love squirrels, and I love your photos.

  13. I live in Amherst, New England. We have faired well in the storm. Last night was raining torrents and wind lashing the trees. Today it had calmed a little still great gusts of wind, but by 7pm the rain was gone and the sky blue and birds singing.

  14. I hope you didn't have any problems from the storm. We just had a few branches and twigs blown down.


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