Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moonlight on the lake...........

At the end of each full and busy day, watching the sun set over Lake Almanor was the time to wind down and relax. As the moon became fuller each evening, we'd settle around the fire pit after dinner with coffee, children making S'mores, watching the last boats make for safe harbor, and late paddle boarders head for home past the deck.

One special evening the moon appeared suddenly and silently between the hills, peering at us from what seemed like a secret hiding place, surprising us as it seemed to roll along the ridge line, floating higher by the moment - I ran for my camera to capture the beauty...........

................and, as the darkness set in turning the hills to shadows, the moon's amazing light and brightness exploded on the water in a silver pathway to our door.

I'm home again, missing beautiful northern California, its scenery, and its perfect summer weather. Another fabulous stay on the lake .......................more pictures coming when the laundry's done, the garden trimmed and weeded, and life returns to ordinary!  I hope to catch up with everyone soon.


  1. What a wonderful interlude your California holiday must have been. Welcome back!

  2. Oh,I wouldn't want to go home from that beautiful relaxing scenery!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. I bet you are missing the perfect summer weather by now. Beautiful moon shots. Stay cool!

  4. Beautiful photos Mary...

    Welcome home. The weather has actually been a bit cooler here this week!

  5. If there is one thing you do really well in North America Mary it is Lakes. I have visited quite a few in my time. I think my favourite is Lake Winnipesawkie - but maybe that is only because it is the lake in On Golden Pond - one of my favourite films ever.

  6. Welcome back. And many thanks for sharing the beautiful lake. That moon-on-water picture is spectacular.

  7. That last picture is magical. I could just imagine walking on the moonlight toward those hills. Beautiful!

  8. I love the last photo with the moon as it's perfectly captured. The place seems to be a very nice place to relax and unwind.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons


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