Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'tech-ni-color' California..................

Mt. Lassen from the causeway over Lake Almanor

Needless to say, I took photo after photo during my recent northern California visit - here are some I enjoyed 'playing' with. Although Nature is beautiful without enhancement, I just thought that California, known for Technicolor and other film inventions, would be fun shown this way also. 

White Pelicans and other water fowl viewed from the causeway

Pelican in flight over the lake

Low-lying sunny meadow filled with Bog Orchids in Lassen Volcanic National Park................

.......the high road climbing above Lake Almanor, in the distance, to Mt. Lassen's still snowy peak

Lunch at the Plumas Point Resort lakeside restaurant - West shore of Lake Almanor

Mt. Lassen from the West shore

Back at the house and resting my legs after a brisk morning walk.........

............before heading out to play in the water!

Local grocery and coffee shop at Lake Almanor

Isn't this area of the country beautiful in Summertime?  The sun shines every day, cool nights for comfy sleeping, and temperatures in the 80's with low humidity during the day. Perfect.
Talk about California Dreamin'.

Next Summer Jasmin hopes to get a part time job at this market/cafe with a view of the lake.....and the best carrot raisin muffins in the world.  Can't say I blame her - thinking of applying myself, ha! ha!


  1. They are fun with your photo treatments. I say - go Jasmin.

  2. Wow, they are great photographs, well done!! Jackie in Surrey UK.x

  3. Your photos are stunning and daisies are my favorite flower so that last one did it for m. What beautiful scenery.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I loved living in California for about 30 years! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary, all those photos are just amazing!! I want to go there-LOL!!!

  6. I'd be glad to come down to do relief shifts!

  7. Now that you've shown us all these gorgeous images, Jasmin may have some job competition. We may all be lining up for a job at the market. LOL
    Hope you're having a beautiful week. ~ Sarah

  8. Stunning pictures, Mary! This has to be one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen...Mt. Lassen is breathtaking!


  9. That second one down would make the most wonderful textile embroidery Mary.

  10. Simply beautiful.
    In our next trip to europe this is a must see.....

  11. Absolutely marvelous, Mary! I left the music on and it was like a beautiful theatre presentation, music and the amazing scenes of nature.

  12. Your photos are wonderful and I like what you did with them. Carrot raisin muffins, who can resist.

  13. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to holiday.

  14. This is one of our favorite areas - we lived nearby for several years and made many trips to Mt. Lassen - such beautiful scenery and wonderful memories.


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