Monday, July 9, 2012

At Little Makalolo............

............our tent was awaiting, and being under canvas again was comfortable with all mod cons except a hairdryer! Yikes, me without a hairdryer results in hats.........which is why you see me wearing one often on safari. Actually one requires a hat much of the time anyway, the sun is hot by mid-morning, there are no clouds and little shade once out in the bush and open plains. Sunburn and windburn were our enemies, not that there was any blowing wind, just rushing dry air when dashing along in the open Land Rovers in the early cold mornings, and again in the evenings after sunset. It was strong enough to produce severe windburn and Bob's lips suffered, poor guy.

Little Makalolo camp is in one of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park's best wildlife viewing areas. Small - just six spacious tents - comfy and a bit more rustic but with both indoor and outdoor showers........... Bob's checking it out as we moved in, plumbing worked fine and we did shower out there on a warm afternoon. Solar power for hot water and lighting ensures a lighter ecological footprint, a very important factor in building these camps.

Checking in to a new safari camp is always exciting. Most have a "loo with a view" such as this one.........

..........which overlooked the waterhole in front of the camp. Have you any idea how amazing it is to sit watching elephants and such from a toilet seat while answering Nature's call!

 "This one's mine"..........and she/he is adorable don't you think?".

Main camp area was lovely with a relaxing sitting area and small library, and dining tent.

Mary, Mark, our Ranger Charles, Tracy, Kim and Bob......

 ...the wonderful chefs preparing the omelets...

...............Kim, Bob and Paula enjoying an early breakfast before heading out on the morning game drive.

Little Makalolo's Pool area......

....and fire pit where we were entertained by rangers Bulli (playing the music) and Honest dancing.

The gals get-together.................Vee, camp manager, and her assistants Tracy and Tendai.....they were all amazing women and we three enjoyed their company.

Next time........guess who came to visit at teatime? 


  1. Fabulous, I feel as if I was there just from reading your incredible travelogue. Breakfast looks like a wonderful affair out in the open with chefs at your table. Yum!


  2. Mary, Mary ... difficult as it is I am collecting these post to read all at one time ~~ on an early evening with a glass of wine in hand.

  3. I don't know if I could adjust to the thought of an elephant spying on me in the loo! But the baby elephant is precious. As all of you are smiling, I'll assume the omelets were good!


  4. I had to laugh at the way you shared your secret reason for wearing a hat - and here, I thought you were just always so very fashionable AND practical! I must have hair similar to yours because I NEED a blow-dryer! If I ever go on safari I'll know to bring a selection of hats. :)

  5. Am fasinated with the different accomadations as well as the animals...

  6. It's so beautiful. I was surprised to see everyone wearing coats, I guess my brain is stuck in Texas summer and it's hard to believe it is not hot everywhere else.

  7. What an interesting camp and what a memorable adventure! I'm with you on the hair dryer issue. I had one supplied in France in each of our abodes, but as you probably know, European hair dryers just blow air, not heat. It took me a long time to get me hair dry. I'm enjoying your posts.

  8. You are very brave going to Zimbabwe, not sure I would.

    I love the quirky camp. A loo with a view...just brilliant.

    Just 16 days before we are off.

    Sft x

  9. Que viaje tan apasionante!!!!

    Un abrazo lleno de cariño.


  10. How fun to sit in the loo and watch life in the out of doors. I would love that shower too. How wonderful and fun!

  11. Oh Mary! So enjoying seeing and hearing about your latest adventure. It always makes me feel as if I am right there with you. Thank you so much.

  12. My surgery went extremely well, and I returned to looking at posts after about a week and a half break. Now I am trying to catch up with everyone, and somehow I managed to get WAY behind with you! Am LOVING these amazing Africa photos!!!!

  13. I wonder if an elephant has ever stuck its trunk through the window? An outdoor shower sounds like it would be a lot of fun!


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