Monday, July 16, 2012

Shenanigans at Ruckomechi!

We jumped at the chance of an evening boat trip out from Ruckomechi.  

Here you can see the layout of the camp along the bank of the mighty Zambezi. Fortunately, being the dry Winter season, we weren't bothered by any fact very few insects flying or creeping disturbed us or caused concern. Of course we did take Malarone the anti-malarial medicine just in case - you cannot visit much of Africa without it, it would be taking a foolish chance with malaria still so prevalent. 

Champion, our ranger/guide, was just that - delightful 
and knowledgeable - and an accomplished boatman too.

 However, even the best boatman cannot always 
judge where the movement of water might cause 
a new invisible sandbar...............and, following 
a nice relaxing ride, we ran aground right here!

Nearby were many of these large basking guys..............

 ........and even more scary these immense 
crocs measuring 10-12 feet.........

.....the water was not inviting to say the least!

Love this pic of Kim who was designated as 
outboard motor operator.........while Champion, 
being the champ he was, actually got out of 
the boat, into waist high water, and proceeded 
to push us off the sandbar. Bob offered to 
help but seemed genuinely relieved when 
Champion refused any guest participation  
saying no way was he to get out 
of the boat!

Instead he was the lookout, scanning the water 
for anything suspicious coming our way.

These stately waterbucks eyed us from a 
safe place on shore - probably 
thought we were all crazy taking such a 
chance with the hippos and crocs in such 
close proximity!

"All's well that ends well"..........and the memory 
of this little adventure now brings a laugh. 

The sun set and we asked Champion
when we would stop for 'sundowners'.  
After all that had happened we were ready for a stiff drink!

Bob and Mark, looking relieved when we got moving again.

A lovely surprise was awaiting us............we 
were taken to an island in the river (an area of no-man's 
land as it didn't belong to either 
Zimbabwe or Zambia) where a candlelight 
'sundowners' with other 
guests, and Ruckomechi team members, was set 
up around a warming fire on the beach.

Raising a glass - Paula, Kim, Mark, me, Bob, and 
Juliette, camp manager - Champion, in his wet clothes, and another team member in the background.
This was definitely a memorable evening in Zimbabwe.


  1. Love those waterbucks and especially the white ring on their rumps....not fond of those things in the water, too close for comfort.

  2. I can imagine it is memorable. Love that last picture of all of you sitting there. What a beautiful way to celebrate the trip and the adventure of being stuck on a sand bar with the crocs and hippos. Scary, but exciting all at the same time. Glad you can laugh about it now.

  3. I love the unpredictable!I call these the additional highlights of a trip.

    What a hero Champion was! And Bob, offering too.

    The photo of the waterbucks is stunning. Crystal clear, fantastic!

    Sundowners certainly become part of the daily routine in Africa. LOOKING FORWARD TO OURS-10 DAYS TO GO!

    Sft x

  4. Those Waterbucks are great, very handsome chappies.


  5. Frightening situation! But with such a wonderful ending! Thanks for your comments about the agave...they are truly fascinating plants!

  6. I don't believe I would have wanted to get into that water either! Shudder! What a nice photo for a very much needed stiff drink!


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