Sunday, July 8, 2012

...a 'bush tea break' at home............

Thought today I'd take a little hot weather break from the safari posts - there will be many more which I hope you'll enjoy - and share garden happenings at the cottage. 

My wonderful neighbors worked diligently to get water to the plants while we were away, I so appreciated their efforts - thank you Lori and April. Still the temperatures climbed, the rain didn't come, and many shrubs and flowers suffered stress from the unrelenting heatwave which continues as I write.

Arriving home on the hottest day of the year - 106F - I found my beautiful blue hydrangeas fried to a brown crisp! Today, following constant 100 degree plus days, with little rain and scorching afternoon sun, there is still a ray of hope........see the new blue bloom out there this morning!
"Heavens to Betsy" as they say here in the South. "I do declare, there is hope for the future after all".

I'm unable to rescue the blooms already crinkled and brown, but decided to quickly cut off some hidden in the foliage which were still showing colors of green and mauve - these always seems to to dry perfectly for the Winter indoor displays I love.

I always strip the leaves, stand the stems in a little water for a few days, then allow them to dry out naturally. I'm hoping these dry well and keep the soft and subtle shades which are so pretty. 


  1. Poor hydrangeas Mary!

    Shame they don't reflower if you deadhead.

    Great to save for fall decor though!

    "Silver lining, silver lining!"


  2. Hi Mary,

    I love your new header! Why did you chose the glossy starling? (Bird fanatic type of question).
    Hydrangeas always remind me of my granny, she had a garden full of them and the blues were just like yours and my favourites.

    I am LOVING your safari posts by the way and Mr Sft and I are getting seriously excited about Botswana. Just 19 days to go!

    Sft x

  3. My hydrangeas are doing the same thing Mary. I just brought a bouquet of them into the house to dry like yours. It was a shock getting off the plane last Saturday. When we left Paris it was in the 70's. Charlotte was 102 degrees. The joys of southern summers! Look forward to more vacation chronicles.

  4. It has been hot here in the mountains too. Your poor hydrangeas! I hope they will come back when the heat lets up. Your clippings look beautiful indoors.

  5. Dried hydrangeas keep for years. I have some from almost 8 years ago, though I was just thinking it was probably time to toss them. ;-)
    Sorry you are suffering those high temps. Our summer is so much better than last, that we can't complain. We are hopeful for rain this week. They say it is possible.
    Enjoy your Sunday in your cottage. Love seeing anything you share, my friend! ~ sarah

  6. mary, my hydrangeas also have suffered from the heat and I hope my dry well for winter enjoyment! I am still on baby watch in Denver but will call when I return! Jeannette

  7. Hi Mary, we just returned from Sri Lanka where the weather was warm and wonderful and sometimes rainy to return to the heat and dust of Kuwait where many of my bushes have burnt to a crisp. Even my succulents had become flat from lack of moisture(we don't have anyone able to water the plants for us). I loved catching up with your wonderful safari posts. I adore elephants! They truly are such magnificent creatures. And the young male lion getting his mane was just gorgeous! Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  8. I love how you've salvaged something beautiful from the wreckage of the searing heat. Those blooms will be welcome long after summer is gone.

  9. Love hydrangeas and planting more in our garden this year. I was so sad that my neighbors just pulled their hydrangeas out, I would have rescued it. I still have a soft bouquet from their plant picked last year when the house was vacant.

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  11. Love the forth photo down. The doll (for lack of a better word) is wonderful.

  12. Mine did the same thing. It was just too hot and very little rain this summer.


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