Friday, July 13, 2012

The garden never sleeps..........

 There were a few surprises in the garden on my recent return............such as a pot of these beautiful Stargazer lilies on the back deck, blooms just opening and begging to be cut and brought inside away from the overwhelming heat - 106F the day after we arrived at the cottage. 
Note I always trim off the heavily pollen coated stamens, they will stain anything they touch!

 Then of course the moonflower and morning glories - seeds I planted in the large pot here on the give the porch a little shade in the Summer afternoons. 
They did reach the top of the porch while I was gone, thanks again to the kindly neighbors watering efforts (pots dry out so quickly in 100+ degrees day after day). Although I've yet to see any moonflowers bloom, the blue of the morning glories is evident each morning - if I catch them in time before the oppressive heat sets in and they curl up, their short life over. 

This bird is back.........probably the same one who's been circling the neighborhood for several years. I heard so many blue jays screeching in our neighbors' front yard tree a few days back - then saw the hawk fly out with this.......................... its talons which it promptly dropped on the lawn before landing on the mailbox post.  Poor baby birds, or perhaps eggs, were gone...........have never seen a predator remove the nest too, what did it plan to do with it? I'm wondering if this was the same bird who took my baby finches from the nest on my front porch in early June - would not be a bit surprised.


  1. Sounds like a little bit of the wild is happening at your home. Does it make you feel you are still in Africa?

    Your lilies are beautiful Mary.

  2. What a beautiful surprise to come home to. Your lilies are so pretty. I used to have them in my garden, but they seem to have disappeared. After seeing yours, I think I might need to plant some more.
    I have been watching my moonflowers climb and just now see the first bud. I can't wait until it opens.
    We see hawks around here too. I've never seen one go after the nest like that. How sad.

  3. Oh, that very naughty hawk. Shooo!
    I planted moonflowers and morning glories, but they didn't come up. Maybe we forgot to water them. I have just planted zinnias and trying to remember to water them. Love seeing the flowers in your garden. We have some lily's that should be blooming in about another week. Can't wait.

  4. Mary, your stargazer lilies are so beautiful. I imagine the scent is all throuh your home. Isn't nature cruel? I don't like to see one animal attacking another. One day I saw a crow being chased by robins and blackbirds. There was a baby bird on our lawn and the crow came back and carried it off! I was so mad. But, then I thought, that is life. It was over 90 here again today which is hot for us. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  5. Stargazers are my niece's favorites. I should plant up a pot of these for her. ;-) They are gorgeous cut and enjoyed inside, Mary. Love the Casa Blanc lilies too.
    Have a great weekend.......Sarah

  6. How sad to leave Africa, but I know you were happy to return home. It's sad also about the baby birds, though. Beautiful photo of the hawk, and your flowers as well! Welcome home!

  7. I planted two vines at the back door, thinking they were moon flowers. They're not - but they are full of the prettiest little white flowers. Your lilies are gorgeous!

  8. The stargazers are very beautiful and intensely exotic. I noticed the clipped stamens before I read the text, in the past I have ruined my clothes with the pollen and now always give them the snippety snip.

  9. Gorgeous lilies! And the pot of vines would do a lot to offer shade on the porch. Kind neighbours are a real treat. The hawk is majestic, but certainly a creature to fear if one is a smaller bird.

  10. Mary,
    As for your beautiful flowers I am one of the lucky ones who can see them everyday.Some from my kitchen window and the rest has I pull in and out of our driveway.Your home is most unique and prettiest house for miles around.
    The latest pictures from Africa are just so beautiful.I did not realize that your camp was almost on the river bank.The falls are breath taking.Can't wait to see more.

  11. It looks so pretty Mary. I've seen a hawk snatch squirrels, and they can be pretty fast!


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