Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vanessa at 'A White Barn'...........

One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world is Vanessa.  
Over the past five years we've spent a lot of time together after meeting via our blogs, then making a date for coffee and a visit to SuzAnna's Antiques. Later, despite our age difference - I could be her mom - and realizing we loved the same things, we had an entire year together full of creative fun, and a lot of shopping and treasure hunting, sharing a booth at SuzAnna's Antiques. We've moved on since then with me having to put shopkeeping on hold while traveling on some awesome trips around the world. Meanwhile, Vanessa has stayed busy being a mom, helping her DH during his busy MBA program while he also works full-time, visiting her home and family in Brazil, and now running a new and exciting home-based business named A White Barn.

Vanessa has always had a great eye and her decorating and sewing skills are fabulous. She refinished many awesome furniture pieces for sale in our booth. Now, after attending an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop last Spring, she is going full steam ahead refurbishing and painting some spectacular furniture finds for resale here in our area of North Carolina.
Here are some of Vanessa's latest projects, most of which sold before the paint had time to dry, but I know she's staying very busy working on some great new pieces........and she just completed one for me....more on that another time.

Just had to share Vanessa's new and thriving business with you - and once again tell you how important it is to have friends of all ages in one's life........especially young ones who inspire you do do more, stay busy, create often, and enjoy all life has to offer. Thank you dear Vanessa for all you do for me to make my life so much better.

All images with A White Barn watermark are Vanessa's - the remainder are mine.


  1. Oh yes - restricting oneself to those in one's own age group is stifling. We learn so much from one another - and life opens up when we open up!

  2. Aaaaaw how lovely dear. It makes me cry. Thank you for always believing me, and my passion for decorating. It's a blessing to have all your support and encouragement. Thank you, thank you!!
    Love ~ Vanessa

  3. Mary, I agree with your thoughts on having friends of all ages. I belong to a group of twelve women that formed an antique club two years ago. Half of us are my age or older and the other half are fifty and younger. I love the energy and enthusiasm of this group and the exchange of ideas and information. It's the perfect mix.
    Thanks for sharing Vanessa's new business. Wish I were close by to actually shop A White Barn.
    Enjoy your Sunday..........Sarah

  4. Vanessa does wonderful work! That settee looked a lot like the one I redid. I love all of her painted pieces.

    I am happy to have met you Mary! Your friendship is a treasured one.

  5. Those pieces are all gorgeous. She is very talented. I can see the similarity in your tastes. I love all the pieces, but it's the bouquets of cotton that caught my eye first. Love that!

  6. All the best to Vanessa in this beautiful beginning of The White Barn. I can see why things would sell quickly, just beautiful. Yes, I do also agree on having friends of all ages. I tend to have friends younger than myself and very few my age.

  7. How lovely! Sure wish I could have that little white desk. Best wishes to Vanessa. Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  8. Dear Mary. I came across your wonderful blog when searching the internet for Africa. I am leaving for Kenya, Tanzania and Zansibar to morrow for the first time and hopefully my trip will be something like yours. Your photos from your travels are so beautiful. I live in Iceland so my little world is quite different from yours. Your photos, from your home, your White Barn stuff, everything hit my heart. I dont have a blog but yours is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    1. How fabulous to hear from you first comment from Iceland I believe!
      So you're off to Africa, how exciting. My very best wishes go along with you. I think you will have an amazing time in those countries.
      Enjoy each special moment, all will be very different from your home - many memories in the making I assure you.

      Wish you had a blog - why not start one when you return so we can enjoy your big adventure!
      Bon voyage - have a wonderful trip.
      Fondly, Mary

  9. what lovely pieces...thank you for sharing Vanessa's work... xv

  10. What fabulous pieces Vanessa has. I love those chairs. I hope she does very well in her new venture.

    And I love that you are her friend, of a different age group. I need to remember this as I sometimes wonder if I'm too old for anyone younger than 50 to want me as a friend.

    Have a wonderful week, Mary.

  11. What beautiful pieces she has finished! I agree on the age group, something that my late mother-in-law always said too, she felt it kept her young.
    Take Care,


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