Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodbye Ruckomechi............

At sunrise each morning the rays of the sun illuminated this tree outside our tent. Listening to rousing birdsong and hippos grunting from the river, it wasn't hard to rise and shine, ready for whatever nature had to offer that day.......and it was always astounding.

On our last morning at Ruckomechi Camp we felt sad knowing it was time to move on, leaving the very nice staff and fabulous wildlife viewing during the game drives.

Champion our ranger was great - here we're all enjoying 'elevenses' out in the bush - photo by Bob............
....and we gals had to check out the immense size of the baobab tree. 
Beautiful elephants were everywhere........always posing for perfect the elephants!
Cape Buffalo always stared us down.....but thankfully didn't charge at us!
Our evening with a lone lion, who appeared so suddenly causing us to pack up 'sundowners' and quickly jump into the Range Rover, got the adrenaline pumping........and then, when he stood up, walked slowly into the falling dusk, his deep roars made the very air about us vibrate..........that was exciting. 
More elephants............the moms with babies always beautiful to watch......and yes, they do seem to smile often!
 Some birds not so pretty or dainty......a huge flock of vultures......

..........but always plenty of Lilac-breasted Rollers for eye candy. 
The camp was so enjoyable, comfortable, and set in such a beautiful place. The staff were delightful and shared their personal stories of living in Zimbabwe.
So we were off, heading toward Zambia on the opposite side of the mighty Zambezi River, excited about seeing Victoria Falls and visiting with old friends at the same camp we stayed at two years ago.
Loved our time in Zimbabwe - hope for better times ahead for the good people who call it home.


  1. Such a beautiful place. Ok, I have to say that sink was amazing!!

  2. This was such a ohhhhhh post from the sunlit tree to the wonderful wash basin to the roar of the lion....felt like I was there.....thank you for sharing in such style.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Mary! I can see why all of you wear blends so well with the outdoors. I love the picture of the elephant peeking out!


  4. When in Botswana my nephew is looking less than keen to get up early in the morning I will say:

    Christopher, Rise and shine and get ready for whatever nature has to offer that day!

    I love how you put it.

    Beautiful photos again, I love the elephant mother and baby, so clear and you are right the elephants do smile.

    So glad you had a lovely time in Zimbabwe.

    Oh, and Mary you will have a giggle when you see our 'budget' style accommodation!

    Sft x

  5. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing..


  6. More amazing photos and wonderful dialog. Love the elephant shots. Such an amazing place.

  7. Beautiful camp and sights. Love seeing you have "elevenses" in the bush. The roar of that lion must have been something to behold and hear. Elephants and their babies would have indeed been delightful. Just sitting in the swing and watching - pure pleasure.

  8. Mary, what a beautiful camp!! The photos you took are just amazing and beautiful! I love the smiling elephants and I could just feel the roar from the lion!! I love travelling with you via your blog! Take care my friend!

  9. Simply Amazing!!! I have so enjoyed all of your photos and dialog from this adventure. This trip is high on the hubby's bucket list - your photos have convinced me to move it up on mine! Can I get there on a big plane? : ) If we go, I want to do it the way you did - high-end included.

  10. There were so many wonderful things for your farewell Africa post! I don't know where to begin with my comments! The "eye candy" of that bird is truly just that with it's lovely pastel colors! The lone lion visit, getting people moving toward the Range! That had to be exciting! That boabab tree is just so exquisite! And I adored the elephant with her baby! Also, I want very much to know what that gorgeous sink in the bath tent was made of! Wow! Wouldn't it be awesome to have something like that at home!? I know you have many memories stored away to breathe deeply of in the days and years ahead of such an amazing trip....

  11. WOW WOW WOW!!! amazing, you are one lucky lady!! Jackie in Surrey UK.

  12. Being so close to nature is just wonderful. Hearing that lion roar as he wandered off - priceless! And from the looks of your tent it was "glamping" not camping. So much fun!


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