Monday, July 30, 2012

Fly away................

........home, please!  
On a recent late afternoon this large red-tailed 
hawk arrived in an oak tree in the back garden. 
It was carrying a grey squirrel in its talons. 
My neighbor called us after it flew low over 
her deck and perched on the lowest 
large branch.

I'm going to confess............I stood out 
there for at least an hour, craning my neck, 
and taking numerous useless shots with 
two different cameras, 
in terrible light conditions - all of 
which I deleted later. Then thankfully 
the bird flew off.....and I headed in for 
much-needed cup of tea!

  Our neighbors have a sweet tiny chihuahua - we 
don't want her mistaken for a squirrel!

When I stepped out on my deck the next morning, 
lo and behold, the hawk was back enjoying 
breakfast in the sunshine, finishing up 
the same squirrel. Picture-taking was a bit 
easier with the brighter light.........but the 
darned mosquitoes made a meal of my elbows!

 Above, a small but feisty Catbird kept dive bombing 
the large hawk making quite a ruckus.

These beautiful hawks are prevalent across the 
country, you see them circling in the skies 
just about everywhere. If you would enjoy knowing 
more about them go here.


  1. You did get some amazing photos. Who knew, right in your own backyard there was such wild life? We have had a hawk come by on occasion too. Didn't realize they might like squirrels. Now I am wondering do I want a hawk or squirrels that eat all my cherries and even the blossoms, hummm?

  2. You got some amazing pictures Mary! We used to see Hawks at our previous house. They would land on top of our pergola.

  3. Don't think I would really want to see the poor little squirrel but you sure got some great photos of the hawk doing his thing. We saw eagles in Sri Lanka but I could not get a good photo of them. It was amazing how they could spread their wings and just glide in place for quite a while before moving on. Wishing you a lovely day. Tammy

  4. They are beautiful. And I know they have to eat. But I simply cannot bear to watch them eating another creature! It breaks my heart.


  5. Gorgeous images, glad you got the second chance!!
    We saw a pair of hawks at our golf course last week. Raptors are so impressive

  6. What a beautiful creature! I've come to appreciate them from reading Mary's blog about Red Tailed Hawks in her part of the world.

  7. So who needs to go to Africa when all the activity is in Raleigh?!?!?!?!?!

  8. What wonderful photos,and I know how difficult they are to get! The red tailed hawk is gorgeous.
    Rose H

  9. Even in your own garden its wild and adventurous Mary. Great shots of such a magnificent creature.

  10. We have had one of those hawks hanging out around here although it is absolutely huge! Its wing span is probably hmmmm, I could stretch out my arms...that's how big it is. They are beautiful yet when they are around we have to keep our chickens locked up for a few days. Now I have to get off the computer and go for my walk with my neighbor friend, but I'll be back soon!
    Take Care & hugs to both of you,


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