Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nearing Summer's End.................

Saturday musings as Summer wanes and thoughts of 
Autumn tickle our fancy.........
Personally I love Autumn. I'm an October baby. 
I love cool weather. 
My life becomes colorful with the changing leaves.

Hard to believe the hydrangea blossoms were so very blue 
just a few months ago.

Turning now from blue to mauve and pink......

.........then to paper brown, crisp around the edges
from Summer's heat.

A few blooms had the sense to tuck themselves away in shady 
spots.....hardly turning from green to blue, now 
dressed in late Summer pink and green gowns.

Happy weekend to everyone............


  1. Our poor hydrangeas got so much rain this year they hardly had time to be beautiful...but now, mine too are pinks and dusty mauves and they look pretty. Off to paint some more coats on the bathroom!

  2. Happy weekend, Mary. My oak leaf hydrangea blooms have long ago turned crispy brown, but I've left them on the bushes. They have their own distinct beauty for me. Enjoy these last lingering days of summer.

  3. Mary such a beautiful blog. I love my hydrangea blue and pink but there is something beautiful in the colors at this time of year. I always dry a bouquet from each summer's blooms. Makes a beautiful bouquet for fall and winter. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Peggy - do you not have a blog any longer?
      Yes, I'm drying some too - love to have them in the house for the cooler months ahead.
      Happy day - Mary

  4. I can hardly believe that September is almost here. Autumn is my favorite season. My hys are turning quickly now and I love the color. I've noticed that a few trees are turning early too.
    I can't wait for fall.

    Jake's a Girl

  5. Lovely photos - my hydrangea bush is very small this year - and the deer seemed to enjoy a nibble now and then. I'm going to move it up to the deck in a pot for a while - til it can fend for itself.

    I'm a spring baby and dread the coming of autumn - I want summer to go on forever.

  6. More and more I am loving hydrangeas. Your hydrangea pictures are always so beautiful.
    Normally I am a girl of summer, but with the humidity we have had I am loving Autumn and Spring much more. Winter I can do without.


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