Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer at a California lake.............

Granddaughter Jasmin. She has been enjoying summer 
vacation in California for a couple of weeks. I've missed 
having her around but in a couple of days she'll be flying 
home and I'll pick her up at the airport.

 Bob and I. We were here at the same lake for a few days in early July on our west coast trip. 
It was a great time, especially as I was able meet up again with Australian friends Michelle and Mark, and two of their children......all over from Queensland visiting Paula. 

Go HERE to see their amazing home in 
the Australian rainforest where Paula and I 
stayed in 2011 - definitely one of the most 
beautiful country retreats ever.

Our dear friend. Paula's beautiful lakeside Summer 
home (center)...........where there's everything 
available to enjoy life on the water 
on a perfect Summer's day.

The silence. My favorite time at the lake is early morning 
when the water is flat, the only movement is the occasional 
plop of fish or a diving freshwater grebe, and songbirds 
are the only sounds, other than a passing boat on its way 
to a fishing spot.

One morning. Early of course, I sat on the bow of the 
white boat under the blue awning, sipping my coffee 
and reading my book. Breathing fresh air. Suddenly this 
pair of swallows started diving at my head. It didn't 
take me long to discover they were building a nest in the 
corner of the canvas awning above and I was disturbing them.

Morning at Lake Almanor, California ~ 2013
Another perfect day to be thankful for.


  1. I grew up on a lake in Michigan and I can remember standing on our dock early summer mornings and watching the fog burn off...there is nothing more peaceful that being on the water.


  2. I spent my summers on the Bras d'or lakes of Cape Breton Island. Early mornings on the wharf were such a treat. The water felt like heavy cream as I waved my toes in and out.
    The California lake is beautiful. I'd love to paddle there in a kayak.

  3. Love the dive bombing birds. I love peaceful mornings, outside (in the cool of the day) drinking coffee, sounds wonderful.

  4. thanks for sharing all these delightful photos, it is a beautiful part of the world

  5. What a beautiful spot on the planet! Looks heavenly.

  6. Sometimes I walk by Lake Michigan in the early AM. Nothing like it, especially in the Autumn.
    Your friends place looks like a fun place to visit. Lots of toys.

  7. A most delightful post - the photos and the stories! I bet those swallows were glad that you moved, LOL. Early morning out on the water is downright magical.

  8. It does look beautiful there.
    How special to have your early morning coffee sitting in the boat.
    Now those birds just need to learn to share.

  9. Ohhh one of our favorite places in California when we lived there. Lovely photos. Those swallows can be insistent when they are building nests or hatching eggs.


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