Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keeping Christmas calm . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .with the assistance of Santa's reindeer!

I know some of you have already been rounding up your own herd of 
these cute little china guys.
When I first heard about them being tethered to the shelves at Lowe's, I 
quickly shoved Bob into his car, armed with a list to go reindeer hunting 
for me. I was still in PJ's and fleece robe that chilly morning, it would have 
taken me far too long to get to the store before they were all gone.

As it happened, when Bob arrived at the first Lowe's location near us,
 the shelves were almost empty. These little guys come two to a box and I
 had requested six white ones. According to Bob, there was just one box of 
white ones remaining, with plenty in green, which didn't quite work for me.
He paid for the white ones and then headed off to another Lowe's store .
Next phone call was to inform me there were NO white ones left but several
brown reindeer were looking for a holiday home. After determining they 
were a handsome chocolate brown, and would look good with those 
brown candles I'd found, I ended up with a little herd of my very own 
consisting of two white and four brown.

I'm using my reindeer as table decorations now, and this one is 
guarding the plum pudding until Christmas dinner. 
They can also be hung on a tree or used as place markers later. 
These cuties will be hard to pack away after the holiday season . . . 
I may let them graze here throughout the entire winter!

See those noses? I'm really tempted to add a little red ball to just one!!!

Edited:  Sorry folks, I really couldn't resist!    Ho! Ho! Ho! Rudolph.


  1. Gosh, I never heard about these - they're lovely!


  2. They are so cute. First time I see them. such a nice decoration. thanks for sharing

  3. I meant to go to Lowe's yesterday when I was out to look for some. They are so sweet.

  4. Mary, I featured the green ones on my post last week. I, too, wanted the white ones, but could only finds 3. The green look adorable with tartan! '-)
    After a reindeer hunt of my own, I rounded up a herd of the white ones too. Used them Monday night for a small dinner party. I sent them home with my guests as a party favor. They are adorable!
    Glad you found a herd of your own. I considered the brown ones with my china, but really had my heart set on the white. Persistence paid off! '-)
    Happy Holidays to you and Bob!

  5. I am absolutely delighted over you excitement over this. Your pictures as always are spectacular and I need to get out more!

  6. When I saw Sarah's post featuring her reindeer I was green with envy, no Lowe's in Normandy! Now I've fallen for the brown too which complement your festive table.perfectly. Rudolph, Rudolph, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

  7. How wonderful Mary! I'd be keeping the herd out all Winter too :o) The thought of a red nose made me titter - go on, you know you want to ;o)
    Lots of love
    Rose H
    xx xx

  8. Wow, I can't believe how popular they are. I went online looking for you, thinking I could get you some white ones if you still wanted them. They are all sold out in Bismarck, Grand Forks and Fargo. The brown ones are popular too. They only had them in the Grand Forks store.

  9. Dear Mary, What dedication! And it was worth it. I love the black and white combination...why does it remind me of Coco Chanel?

  10. Oh Mary, thanks so much for the smiles. How sweet that Bob would venture out to several stores for reindeer.
    Love the red nose too. Yes, sometimes I have to leave out a few decorations throughout the winter along with some
    lights and candles. I was just eying some ornaments I have in a dish and thinking I must leave those out for the winter.
    Love your sweet herd.

  11. Mary,

    I tired to email you to say I hope you and Bob have a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2015. Your email from the blog would not come up for some reason.

    I hope you are both well, I look forward to reading about your travels next year, we will not be going far just a local holiday about 150 miles away in Suffolk.

    We have decided that we need to put our names down for sheltered housing, if you read my recent blog you will see what has brought Edwin to that conclusion, its taken him time to recognise that I will not be very well off when anything happens to him!! Take care, and good wishes to you both, Anne.


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