Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BAROUKE for wood treasures. . . . . . .

"Pssssst! I'm one of the oh so cute ducks hanging out at the charming Jannett's 
amazing shop, Barouke Exotic Woods, Etc. down on the Cape Fear
River waterfront in historic Wilmington, North Carolina."

Have you ever run your hands over wooden treasures carved and polished to a 
silky smooth finish? If so, you know what I'm talking about when I describe the
hundreds, perhaps thousands, of exquisite wooden items offered at Barouke.

There are also melodious wind chimes, gongs, jewelry, small accent furniture pieces,
 lamps with jaw-dropping shades, marquetry boxes of every size, mirrors,
musical instruments, kitchenware, tableware, flowers, pictures. . . . . . and I even
 spied a rocking horse!

Barouke is a truly amazing shop and meeting owner Jannett Vadies was the highlight 
of our brief stop for a riverfront lunch prior to heading home from our beach weekend.
Before choosing our restaurant, obviously one with outdoor tables as it was such
 a beautiful Sunday, we took a walk along the waterfront and checked some of the interesting shops. 

Jannett welcomed us warmly - her shop is huge, airy and bright, and spills out
 onto to the small mall area. Everywhere you turn, your eye lands on something
 very special made of wood. Exquisite woods from around the world, much
 of it then crafted here by American artists, as well as very special international
 woodworkers around the world. Jannett has met them on her extensive travels,
and in the many countries where she has lived.

 Wilmington, North Carolina's own Bob Post makes these fantastic wood
 (and wearable!) Western cowboy hats - hand-turned to the thinnest wood imaginable. 
Displayed on a mahogany hat stand, these collectors' hats, one or more,
 make a eye-catching display and would definitely be a great conversation starter. 
I think I already know a special man who might love one of these - and it's not my 
hubby who, unfortunately, is not a cowboy!

Strolling through the bright and gleaming shop I saw so many items which
 would make wonderful gifts, and especially for men. . . . . .most of us know
 how difficult they are to buy for!

 I would have loved many of the carved birds and definitely am kicking myself
 for not bringing home a penguin! 
Fiona would be my choice - you many recall a little fuzzy female penguin
 followed me about on South Georgia Island when I was in Antarctica,
 this could be her all grown up!

Who wouldn't love a rainy day duck sporting polka dot 'wellies' 
carved in Indonesia and whom, I'm certain, are loved especially in the UK 
where everyone has a least one pair of Wellington boots!

Kitchen cutting boards, almost too beautiful to cut on! If I had one I would use it as
 a trivet, perhaps as a cheese board, or as a display base for another treasure.

Jannett, I hope you read this post because I want you to know much Bob and
 I loved meeting and talking with you on Sunday.  We will definitely return to
 Wilmington and come by again to see you and the really
 wonderful creations in your sparkling shop.

Anyone heading to the North Carolina coast should plan a stop in historic
 Wilmington and visit Barouke - I can assure you that you'll love this place.

Meanwhile, Jannett can be reached on her website and you can order online
if you can't get to Wilmington in person. I'm certain everyone still has
some Christmas shopping to do!


  1. Thank you for sharing her charming shop - will put on my list to visit next time
    I am in Wilmington. Happy December, Erin

    1. Erin, when you can get home to Wilmington for a visit be sure to let me know - would love to meet you on the waterfront for lunch, and we can shop at Barouke!
      Hope it's a lovely day in southern California.
      Happy Holidays - Mary

  2. Everything about Barouke is beautiful!
    Interesting pieces so well displayed - great merchandising is an art form.
    Love the large round shaped boards which are perfect for antipasto items on the lunch table.
    The ducks and the penguin are delightful - I'm surprised you resisted their charms Mary dear.
    Shane x

  3. What an amazing shop! I haven't been to Wilmington, but hope to go some day. I will surely visit this shop!

  4. Bet that it smelled great, too! The kitchen utensils would have been my downfall, though I do hope that you find Fiona again some day.

    1. Yes Vee - nothing better than the fragrance of beautiful wood. I'm about ready to chuck all my old wooden spoons and start over - these at Barouke are so beautiful. The shop is so clean - every piece of wood was dust-free and shining. Jannett is a very lovely woman and so interesting having lived in amazing countries. You know me and countries - I've also seen my share and must admit each is so special - but doubt I'll be visiting too many new ones from now on.

      Thanks for stopping by. Still awaiting you starting up the photo cards again!!! I so loved that challenge.
      Mary -

  5. What a wonderful shop. One of a kind gifts too I see. And, yes, the man in my life is impossible to buy gifts for.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful shop. I love wood products and my eye went right for Fiona. lol

  7. Beautiful! I would have a hard time not bringing home a wooden bird of some kind. I can't imagine wearing a wood hat. What a fun stop and shop.

  8. My oh my, so many lovelies. I love the sun/moon on one wall, and of course all the birds, especially the ducks with boots. I could spend a lifetime in that shop - I'm simply fascinated with wood.

  9. Ducks with Wellies huh?
    I would love to visit that shop.

  10. Barouke is indeed an amazing shop to visit. I've been there and find it hard to leave. The puzzle boxes, the unique designs of the wooden bowls, THE MIRRORS are my favorite! I love the designs created with wooden inlays. Can't wait to return.

  11. Received the cutting board. It's beautiful. I love the packaging so much that I will present it with your packaging. Appreciated!

  12. What a lovely shop. I'm off to visit the web site.
    Those duckies in wellies are adorable! Love the unique bread boards.


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