Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Campus walking. . . . . . .

Just a few weeks back, while the rush of Christmas was still just a thought
and the majority of college students were still home for Thanksgiving, we
 enjoyed pleasant afternoon walk around the quiet and peaceful campus of
 a local women's college.
Coming here over the years since moving to Raleigh in 1977, this campus has
 evolved from a small school to a busy college covering many acres, with new
 buildings and a large sports complex. Rolling land we walked on for many
 years is no longer there, but thankfully this small area near the original buildings
 around the pond remains as it has always been - a watering place for birds,
old established trees, unusual plants, and always colorful in Autumn as seen
 here in a last blaze of fire under the Carolina blue sky.

We also walk around the track at a nearby middle school close to home. 
That feels like real exercise but it's nowhere near as pretty as places such as this.

Do you have special places to walk in your neighborhood?

Thick fog here this morning. No walking planned for today, except for running
 a few errands later. Meanwhile, this morning I'll be completing the Christmas
 decorating around the cottage. That's exercise enough!


  1. Good morning, Mary! What beautiful foliage at that campus. I try to walk every day in the same loop around my neighborhood (just a mile) and I admit, sometimes it gets boring. The most beautiful place to walk here is in the nearby State Park, but sometimes I don't want to take the time to drive there - I just want to go out the front door and start walking! There's also the danger factor of walking in the State Park alone. The trails are very remote. So I mainly go there when I have a walking buddy.

  2. We usually do our morning walk in our neighborhood, but we're right next to a river and just down the road from a state park so we walk there too.

  3. Mary, is that sky real?! We are so used to grey and more grey here, and would love to have a blue sky.

  4. All of your pictures are so nice but I really, really like that seed pod! How pretty they would be in a tall vase. Hugs.

  5. What a beautiful place to walk. We walk around our neighborhood. We have 5 acres here in the woods with a walking path.

  6. This is a really beautiful part of the campus Mary. I find a lot of college campuses are like wonderful parks don't you? You've seen photos of my walks on our country highway and also in the local park. I just haven't been walking for exercise for weeks. I'm such a fair weather walker and it's been cold. Have a lovely week. xx Pam


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