Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December weather - a wet Christmas. . . . . . . .

Around North Carolina we've not had the usual weather the 
month of December brings. . . . . no bitter cold, no snow or icy
 conditions, no roaring winds, but quite a lot of rain falling heavily
 like grey sheets of gloom, such as we're getting today. It's
currently "pelting down cats and dogs" as we said in England when
 I was growing up. Do they still say that - maybe my UK readers can
oblige with info - thanks.
We've also had very warm weather and some lovely
sunny days. . . . . .to rake leaves, hang decorations outside, go 
shopping, walk for a little exercise now and then, even sit on the 
front porch with a refreshing drink in hand, in between the pre-holiday
 hustle and bustle of errands and chores December always brings. 

This has always been one of my favorite depictions of December
as Christmas approaches - snow, wind, a red dress and warm wrap, and a huge
 bunch of mistletoe.

Christmas love to you all.


Eugene Samuel Grasset (Swiss, 1845-1917)
Color wood graving from his portfolio Les Mois - 1895


  1. Merry Christmas to you Mary, hope the rain clears and you get some sunshine. My family in England still say' pelting cats & dogs'

  2. What a wonderful holiday picture. Thank you so much for your kind comments and Christmas greeting on my blog this morning. May you and Bob have a blessed Christmas time together. A cup of tea will be lifted and sent to bless your day. Christmas blessings to you! xoxo Marilyn (and Jim)

  3. Hi, Mary. Have not connected with you in some time! Moved around quite a bit but settled back in Hillsborough with a little shop and lots of peace. Had some upheaval for awhile. Anyway I lost my entire blog from a jack and all links so was happy to find you again!! I love the old December image.
    Lynn (a mother's journal)

  4. We've had rain and fog all day over here too. My son and his family are driving to Raleigh from Florida today. I am praying for their safe travels.
    Decembre is lovely. I especially like the flowers in bloom through the snow. They look like Lenten Rose.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love this redheaded December lady, with her apron full of mistletoe! We are getting some rain too on this side of the country. It's feeling a bit wintry around here. Love to you both, Merry Christmas.

  6. Your weather sounds like our normal weather - sheets of rain rain rain and rain. Dark by 4:15 and more rain. They say we have broken the drought though - and that is good - but many are flooded and more rain coming. A little break for christmas and then back to rain and low 40s - very typical for here and we don't complain because we have perfect summers. Merry Christmas my dear.

  7. What a lovely Christmas image. I can see why it's a favorite of yours. Rain has pelted down here most of the day. It's just 5 degrees Celsius and I keep thinking that just a few degrees colder and we could have snow. Sigh. But it's still very cozy indoors with the twinkling lights and the fire glowing. Be merry and bright, dear Mary.

  8. Well, I can tell you my fam in UK still says it, the older ones at least. :)


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