Friday, December 11, 2015

It's beginning to look. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . a lot like Christmas.

I'm almost there - decorating should come to a full stop this weekend. 
Creamy pillar candles and LED mini lights with timers are set in each room,
 lanterns are ready to be set on the porch steps, the cottage, bathed in soft 
floodlights come dusk, looks quite lovely. . . . . and I am ready to relax before
the holiday baking commences.
 Only thing left to add next week is fresh greenery on the mantel, and a bowl of
 white rosebuds for the table, so they will still be fresh on Christmas Eve.


  1. Mary, you have been busy, and it all looks lovely. Thanks for the thoughtful card. '-)
    Merry Christmas to you and Bob.

  2. I've always love your metal tree, Mary. It is just gorgeous. Your home is so lovely at Christmas. I am inspired to have a gazebo next year. And, I see a little fox there. :)

  3. Mary, your decorations are just beautiful!! I especially love the Christmas Tree in your gazebo!! You always have such beautiful decorations in your home, thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Mary, I think you still hear the bell (like in the Polar Express.) It is gorgeous.

  5. Your cottage looks very pretty decorated for the holiday. I love the two mice in your collage. It's all very lovely, Mary. Enjoy.

  6. Dear Mary, What a cornucopia of beautiful decorations. Your wooden figures are stunning. Are they old?

  7. I love your style. Enjoy your baking and Christmas season.

  8. Sighing with gorgeousness! Soaking it all in!

  9. All your decorations are so beautiful! I'm actually in love with them. Those angels look quite old but really awesome. Besides I do really like your wooden Christmas tree and actually, I though of doing such a Christmas tree, too)

  10. Your decorations are all so pretty. You really do have a knack for décor!

  11. So beautifully gathered! I see a little Swedish Dala Horse :) Love your collection, Mary. Wishing you and Bob a festive, fabulous and fun Christmas! Jingle, Jingle.

  12. Your decor is so beautiful and elegant...

  13. Oh Mary, how lovely and welcoming your home looks, beautifully decorated.

  14. Such elegance Mary dear.
    This post is a feast for the eyes!
    Your Santos angels set the mood... I adore the Scandinavian wooden Christmas tree too....Nordic/French - me to a T!!!!

    Christmas wishes to you and Bob.
    Shane x

  15. It all looks so magical. You really did a great job, Mary. your home must feel incredibly seasonal. Love it.


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