Friday, December 18, 2015

Downtown shines at dusk . . . . . .

A little more from last weekend when we were out and about much of the time
enjoying the fine days during the Christmas rush.
 Saturday was warm, sunny, near to perfect, and downtown called to us.
We headed out to walk late afternoon unencumbered by heavy accessories.
 No jackets or bulky bags, just a scarf in case it turned cooler, comfy walking shoes,
 and my iPhone to snap a few pix along the way as dusk fell gently over the 
bulky city buildings and cheerful shoppers.
Many people, casually dressed, were on their way to restaurants - it was Christmas 
party time. Others, elegant in sparkly high heels and pretty dresses, bow ties
 and tuxedos, were strolling toward the auditorium for an evening concert with the 
North Carolina Symphony.

The blend of old and new architecture strung together by symbols of the season.
 Even commercial buildings, such as these banks, make an effort to warm up
 those big blank spaces at Christmas.

Do you enjoy visiting a bright and bustling downtown area during the holiday season?


  1. It was perfect weather last weekend. You got some beautiful pictures!

  2. What a nice town with all the decorations. Sadly, our downtown isn't so gaily decorated, but houses are in the city and we drive around looking at them. With a week to go, I am not finished purchasing, wrapping or even planning the eve and day events and menus. Kind of stressful.

  3. Beautiful Christmas images Mary ....... The U.S. really knows how to ' do ' Christmas !!! Wonderful decorations and lights giving the perfect, festive feel. XXXX

  4. Raleigh looks so festive. I do love seeing all of the lights downtown, looking forward to touring around before a party we're going to downtown next week.

  5. I love the lights of Christmas when out and about at night. On the 23rd Jim and I will go downtown and see the lights and attend a concert. It always puts us in a wonderful Christmas spirit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful city.

  6. such lovely photos. I do think I prefer visiting a quieter country area during the holidays - with it being difficult for me to get around in crowds because of polio when I was a child, I tend to go more for open spaces and quietness - but you paint such beautiful word pictures of the downtown I feel like I am almost there.

  7. Lovely sights and lights Mary. I haven't been out at night except for choir and not to the downtown. I'm missing out on it all I know but living in the country we just don't get downtown. I remember Petula Clark's song "Downtown" quite well.


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