Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day 2015. . . . . . . . .

We were good to each other over Christmas.
SHE decorated, wrote greetings, mailed cards and invitations, cooked, baked,
 cleaned, wrapped. . . . and of course shopped a bit.
HE shopped, shopped, shopped. . . . . . . blew away the leaves, uncorked the wine,
 filled the glasses, made the Christmas Eve toast for all 22 of us squeezed into the
 cottage, pulled the Christmas crackers, and washed all the glassware and dishes 
at midnight after the party was over.
We opened our gifts Christmas morning. . . . . oh my, Santa was generous.
I must have been good all year after all!

How about that awesome Christmas Night full moon!
I tried to get photos but none were very good.
The previous one was in 1977 - our first Christmas here in Raleigh.
The next one doesn't arrive until 19 years from now, 2034.
This makes one think, a lot, and wonder even more!

Today is Boxing Day, my favorite day of the year.
A time to take things easy.
Looking through my presents and taking photos.
Organizing leftovers - ham and split pea soup will be simmering soon.
'Bubble and squeak' will be frying in the pan.
Just enough Christmas Pudding left for supper.
Far too many mince pies and rum butter remaining. . . . . the diet
will have to wait. . . . . because as cute as they are, MY mince pies
they cannot have.

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Off to fill in my 2016 calendar - wonder where I'll go in this wide world in the new year!
Tonight, a movie at home. . . . . .but still much too warm for a fire.
 Tomorrow I'll work on a post about my lovely Christmas gifts,
and soon I'll tell you a story about some new, very special, 
winged friends who have taken up residence at the cottage!

Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful and blessed Christmas.


  1. Sweet post, Mary. Your little couple are adorable. ;-)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Mary, that sounds so so lovely. If only you were my neighbour, or for that matter, anyone was at least somewhat more akin to your very English Christmas traditions. For example, I suspect, we were the only household in our particular neighbourhood that also enjoyed pulling xmas crackers, eating a mince pie or two and such. My, you even have a toast! I love that idea.

    I am determined to come back here and read your next post (and now the one prior).

    Happy Boxing Day evening. I quite agree, a truly wonderful day. (I always feel a little off put and saddened when people start saying xmas is over and even take down the lights adn tree the very next morning. No, no, no!) :)

  3. BTW, Mary, your mince pies look astounding. I can only imagine how they must taste! I just read this post to my wife, like it was "It was the night before Christmas and all through the house.." Alexandra said it makes one want to get into blogging and writing more! Seriously. Lovely photos too throughout.

  4. Lovely christmas - very pretty photos - love the woolly mice. Your new header is fabulous!

  5. Now those are the sort of mice I would not mind having in my house lol
    Happy Holidays sweetie, C

  6. It does sounds like it was a wonderful eve and day of celebration. Love your little mice and oh mince pies, yummmmm!


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