Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Caring and sharing. . . . . . .

No, not snowing here . . . . . this pic was taken in my garden another 
Winter on a very snowy Boxing Day - but because I love this Ms. Cardinal
holding the little berry, I just want to remind you to feed the garden 
birds now the nights are cold and their food supply is limited.

Off to decorate indoors today - the outside was completed
yesterday and is looking good.

Christmas is coming!


  1. I think I have been spending more on food for my birds than I have groceries for me ! But it makes me happy to see them all gather at the feeders and know they will make it through a winter with a tiny help from me.

  2. Loved the inside. Bet the outside is wonderful too.

  3. Fabulous shot, Mary. YES! Feed our birds. :)

  4. That is such a beautiful photo. We have a feeder out and the bluebirds and finches are having a great time. I have not seen any cardinals here since we moved to SC.

  5. Yes, I do feed the birds in winter! Thank you for the reminder.

  6. That is a beautiful photo and a beautiful reminder. We don't feed birds here as it attracts rats. But I'm happy that the birds come and eat seeds and berries from my garden now.

  7. That is an amazing photo! You can be very proud of that capture. Enjoy your decorating inside.

  8. This is such a pretty picture, Mary. I just saw a Cardinal in one of our trees this morning. I need to fill our feeder. Wondering what sort of seed mix you use?

    We received your Christmas card today and Alan and I were so touched. I need to get on with mine but because I've had this bug, be sure to wash your hands after opening it! lol!

    Love to you,

    Jane x

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