Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Wish List for Christmas. . . . . . . .

I don't recall if I ever made a Christmas wish list for myself - but if so it must
 have been back when I was a child. In those long ago years all I ever recall asking
 for was money to take to the big book shop in my English town. I would then spend
 hours in the aisles perusing dozens of beautiful books trying to decide which
 one to buy. I loved books about the ballet, ice skating and horseback riding, as well
 as adventure stories written especially for girls. As I played a lot in the countryside,
I also loved illustrated guide books helping me to identify trees, birds, wildflowers etc.
Bob keeps asking me what I'd like for Christmas so I quickly came up with a
 few items I'd enjoy receiving.
Perhaps one of these will be under the tree!

Lou & Grey's
Cloud Boucle Tunic Sweater
in Deep Plum Melange. 
Soft, loose, long sleeves, cozy!
This color is a change for me who wears 
such a lot of neutrals - this is perhaps 
my new personal 'neutral' for this Winter and it's
perfect with those French shoes I bought  HERE.


My favorite eau de toilette spray.
I bought my first bottle on a cruise ship and have
loved it ever since. From day to evening, if I walk 
through a quick cloud of this, I feel special.


Tricia Rose's amazing Belgian linen bedding and more - I already enjoy 
wearing her fabulous linen pinafore style apron, it makes me feel like
a real cook in the cottage kitchen.
I want to start gathering these exquisite pieces for my bed, starting with 
the over sized flat sheet - go read Tricia's notes as to why she does not 
make a fitted sheet - makes great sense - and the lovely story of how
her business came about, and her thoughts on making everything she
 creates and sells so very special for those of us who love linen.


As for books. . . . . .oh yes, I still love beautiful books of every description. 

I read an amazing article about this Englishman and his
sheep - I now want to read his book. . . . .

. . . . . and this Christmas I'm also hoping for a coloring book!
Have you seen the amazing collection of Adult Coloring Books
now available? 

Below are just a few in a collage I made.
How fun is this idea for we adults who adored coloring as kids. 
Some are being marketed as stress relieving patterns - which makes a lot
 of sense in the current state of affairs in the world today. For me, not an 
accomplished artist, the idea of sitting down with a stunning
black and white page and a box of beautiful wooden pencils in all
the colors of the rainbow and more, really excites me.
The hard part is deciding which one I'd like to start with.
You know me - elephants and lions delight me having been so
 close to both, oceans have taken me around the world, I love
visiting vibrant cities, yet Nature's forests, countryside and natural beauty 
call to me always.

Is there a coloring book you would enjoy finding under your Christmas tree?


  1. I bought my 81 year old mother a coloring book and pencils for Christmas this year. She always liked coloring with me as a child. I hope she will use it!

  2. I got our daughter The Game of Thrones coloring book, I hope I get one too.

  3. I've been looking at the various colouring books, even at the dollar store, but haven't found one I like. I find them too busy looking so I guess I'll pass. I'm hoping to get snowshoes with poles. I'm feeling quite well physically and would love to get out and enjoy the snow (if we get any) this winter. :) The sweater you chose is lovely.

  4. Our DIL is into coloring and I'm thinking about it. My siblings and parents are coming for this weekend and I've printed off a few coloring pages from the internet. If it catches, I'd like a botanical themed coloring book. Linen sheets are on my "someday" list, too, and you put me onto the Rough Linen site which I love. Such quality.

  5. I have one coloring book that looks like the Splendid City with thin colored pens. I haven't colored much yet, but after Christmas I will be coloring in the evenings. Oh how I would love those sheets. They look like yummm! I keep thinking about your shoes from France and have been drooling over the thought. They would look good with that sweater. May your dreams come true.

  6. My sister loves to color and I bought her an adult coloring book this past year for her birthday. Love the sweater!

  7. I think you and I would have been friends as kids. I loved the same sorts of books.

  8. I already have a couple of adult coloring books and yes, they're fun! I asked my mom for an amazon gift card so that I could buy some books on my amazon wish list. ;-)

  9. I think the adult coloring books are a great idea, though I may want to color outside the lines. :) Your Christmas wish list is wonderful. Love the sweater, and the rough linen looks divine. Fragrance is always something I enjoy receiving. Any book on English country life is appealing to me, so I'm sure I'd enjoy "The Shepherd's Life". May all your wishes come true, Mary. Hugs, Nancy

  10. I need to come back and visit your lovely blog but things have been hectic for us these past few weeks and I'm very behind. I did want to respond to your comment on my Out of Africa post, though...I was bracing myself for a negative comment and knew I'd get at least one! :-) First of all, the wild animal park is CALLED Out of Africa and they have bears, wolves and other animals that are not from Africa, besides the tigers. Secondly, I regretted not having time to upload the videos I took because on it you can hear the announcer telling why they have these wonderful creatures and it isn't because they were captured specifically to be there. It is an amazing place where the animals have better care than most zoos, and if you go to the link you will get a better idea of what it is like. Also, they don't make the tigers perform. All they do is run around with the "toys" to make the tigers do what comes prey. They put themselves in danger being in there with them, but the tigers know they will get treats of meat if they give up the toy, and they (at least so far) participate wonderfully. I hate circuses and am disappointed with most zoos. I also would never go back to Sea World because of what I have learned in recent years about their practices. So, I agree with you about the animals in captivity. This park is just a cut above, and offers a wonderful home to wild creatures who need it. I wish I had included this info in my post and probably will cut and past it into the next so everyone will understand better. Also, be sure to watch the videos when I finally get them uploaded.

    Have an awesome Christmas! I'll try to visit again as soon as I can. I do appreciate your comments. Take care!


  11. "For me, not an accomplished artist, the idea of sitting down with a stunning
    black and white page and a box of beautiful wooden pencils in all
    the colors of the rainbow and more, really excites me."
    --I love reading that. SO thrilled to see these colouring books coming into vogue. They are wonderful. I hope YOU show us some of the pages coloured in, should you have got one in your stocking or under the tree w. your rough linen pinnie. :)


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