Wednesday, January 30, 2019


is for

Female Eastern bluebird this morning on the fig tree.
She looks cold and almost grey - I feel a lot like that also.

I'm not outside despite the sunny day - just too cold.
Not complaining though as it's just warmed up above freezing here.
 I was just advised the US mid-west is
 much colder than Antarctica. Chicago-area residents' teeth will
chatter today if they head outside in -15F temperature. 
They could head to Priestley Glacier, Antarctica where it will reach
 a balmy 6F today!!!

Me on a sunny 33F morning in Antarctica - January 2013

Stay warm and safe all my mid-west friends. . . . . . I still have the overly
 padded 'make you look fat', Canada Goose down jacket and cold
 weather gear. . . . . .if you want to borrow!


  1. Cute pic of you in Antartica...

  2. It's impossible for me to imagine how cold that must really feel. Keep warm.

  3. Hi Mary! Yes, it is certainly cold and I do feel sorry for the peeps in the Midwest! I had heard that it was warmer in Antarctica than in the Midwest right now!! Be safe and warm in your cozy home :)!!

  4. I had to look up the conversions to Celsius to be able to imagine how cold it really is - brrrrr indeed!!! We're having temperatures more or less around freezing point (0 C), which is perfectly OK for this time of year.
    The little bird truly looks cold. I hope she'll survive winter.

    1. Fortunately our year round garden birds don't mind the cold Meike - but we do assist by keeping the feeders full!

  5. Oh, the dear little bluebird, so sweet, and what fun to see you in Antarctica. My goodness it is so cold and snowy in the mid-west that it is all over our Australian TV. We can only watch in awe!

  6. The little bluebird looks quite fluffed up trying to keep warm. It's amazing that they can survive the cold.

  7. What a cute picture of you. On the news it said some places here were colder than Antarctica right now.


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