Friday, January 11, 2019

Perhaps. . . . . . .

. . . . . . a light January snow may settle bringing quiet days over this weekend.

Or it could just be more rain which, with the low night temperatures, may mean ice.
We have a theatre date tomorrow night - hopefully road conditions
will not impede our travel into town.

I noticed this beautiful painting in my neighbor's home when cat sitting this week.
Perhaps I should have asked him if I could share it here, but I'm certain he won't mind.
 It makes me yearn to be in the countryside. A few nights on a farm, or in a little
 heated (of course) cabin near the woods. 
We were driving yesterday, just before sunset, and the western sky was awesome
 in shades of lavender and peach. Later in the evening the waxing crescent moon
 was overhead, sharp in the crisp air and dark sky.

Winter does have a special beauty of its own and I'm ready for it.
I wore a real coat yesterday, and gloves for the first time this season.
Tonight a fire on the hearth again. Last night I sat close by until the last
 embers lost their glow. It was very special and I want more.


  1. That is an enchanting painting. I'd be thrilled to have it on my wall!

  2. That is indeed a beautiful painting, thank you for sharing it! We have had more snow over the last two days, road traffic was badly affected, but it is not very cold yet.

  3. You make it all sound very pleasant.

  4. Your words paint winter as pleasant...out here in West Texas, our winters ARE pretty pleasant and mild. Windy...some days cloudy and's Feb that usually brings real winter to us. It's windy, cloudy and a little cold here this morning...but no moisture of any kind expected. We can always use rain out our way.

  5. Mary, the painting is so beautiful. Like you, I want to be there! It's cold and dreary here. January, but I like winter! So many long for it to be over, but I so enjoy these days of staying indoors, sitting by a cozy fire reading or stitching. Of course we don't have to deal with snow and ice here in TX. I do think that would get old very quickly. Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  6. I love your relishing the moment/season here, Mary. Wonderful. That painting certainly is apropos and as your neighbour already had it on display, I'm sure he would not mind one bit. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    And, wow, your first time wearing a proper coat? I've been doing that fora good 2 months now. :) But, really, I don't mind one bit. Would always rather be cold than hot, that's for sure.

  7. What a splendid painting. It makes me yearn for walks in the countryside.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  8. What a beautiful painting. It finally felt like winter today with cold and wind, but not cold enough for snow or ice. I hope we get a little snow or it just doesn't feel like winter. Tonight there is a fire in our fireplace too. It is rather yummy! Stay warm and cozy, but hope you can get out too.

  9. That is a nice painting Mary. I agree about winter, though I still wish ours weren't so long. But it makes me enjoy the milder months that much more. We have a blizzard going on right now and it's pretty nice to be warm and cozy here with Alex and the furballs!! :)


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