Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday chores and then. . . . . . .

A really beautiful sunrise this morning and a busy day ahead.
Sunday is not a day of rest after a week of rainy days - lots to do prior
to more bad weather returning soon.
Muddy conditions have dried up a bit so we will soon be outside taking down
 and storing the Christmas lighting, the tree in the gazebo, the wreaths,
 and miscellaneous decor on the front porch.
Yesterday we packed away all the inside decor, minus things going to the
thrift shop. . . . . .we really needed to downsize the Christmas decorating.

I'm kitty sitting (Ms. Nala) for my neighbor again, just a few days, so must
 pop over there soon.
This afternoon, planning a sunny woodland walk with my daughter and
 a coffee at Starbucks before coming back to spend time in the kitchen. . . .
an apple pie is waiting to be baked.

Camellia bushes are blooming and a few cut for indoors bring a splash of 
color. The house always seems rather blah after the decorations are down.

Note my 2019 Planner is at the ready and I need to start filling it in!
How are you doing, making any exciting plans for this new year?


  1. Yes, if we have not already done so, many of us will be especially busy tomorrow. I have taken down most wreaths, most lights (I won’t be taking them all down) and many other decor items. I hope to follow your good example and take many things to Goodwill. My tree and Nativity are up for their final day...I have so loved sitting by my tree these past six weeks or so. It will be sorely missed. Happy Twelfth Day!

  2. Our decorations are all down and have been for a week. Kent and I have been working on a jigsaw puzzle, which is fun when the weather is not so nice. We are heading to Florida soon for a few days to soak in some sun and visit my sisters.

  3. I hope your planner will be full of wonderful adventures during 2019. We will soon be plNnplan our trip to the US. We visit every two years and I hope that we go on a nice road trip while we're there. My Sundays are always busy as itsi always the day when I seem to have the most energy.

  4. All my deco (it wasn't much) was taken down yesterday morning while O.K. was in the bath :-)
    No flowers here yet; we're supposed to be in for a very cold January. So far, it has not been much below freezing at night, and what little snow we've had last week is all gone.
    A sunny woodland walk - how I long for that!

  5. Glad there's a break in the weather to take care of things and enjoy some quality time outdoors. A new year, a fresh start and I'm filling up my journal each day, no specific plans, just going with the flow at the moment. But I do need to put Christmas away now. :) Have a great week.

  6. A walk in the woodlands sounds lovely. I am getting over a cold, almost feeling normal again. No big plans for 2019 at this point, grumble! I am hoping in the fall to fly back you way for a little tea tour in the Carolina's. We will see. The leader of the tour is having surgery this month and then we will see if she is up to put the tour together. I am saving my $'s. Gradually I have downsized decorations, but need to do more. This year I did get a sweet little tree at IKEA for the future.

  7. We took most things down shortly after New Year's, although the fresh fir wreath on the door will stay for awhile, and a few lights. We have some exciting plans for 2019 - looking forward to another Avalon cruise, this time on the Danube from Linz to Budapest. We're taking a few days before the cruise in Prague and a few days after in Budapest, on our own, so we're starting to plan accommodations and activities.
    Are you and Bob planning any trips this year?

  8. Dear Mary,
    I finally took down the Christmas tree. Leaving a few lights here and there. Have you noticed that you can never get rid of all the tree needles. A few always show up in July.

  9. I don't know quite what it is about this particular post, dear Mary, but it really struck me in the most special, endearing way - straight to the heart. It's one of those perfect, delightful to read simple posts filled with so much enjoyment. I love that you have your planner and pen to the ready, you still overdo Christmas decorations (even if a Marie Kondo of the assortment needs to be done) and even that you can take a woodland stroll. The SB coffee for retiring into the evening with home baking sounds utterly hygge too. Oh please let me jsut pop by virtually and sit back to watch the domestication in process. :) xo

  10. Oh...and oto your question: YES, we are jotting off to England in August to exchange one hot and muggy summer fortnight for another that may e as well but with far more things to keep on distracted. We're going to London for Alex's birthday (august 18th) then up to Yorkshire to see family and even Birmingham (which I'm not as thrilled to see) but that is where Alex has a client she will meet up with which will help with writing off some of the travel expenses. Also, with same sad client, we are heading to San Antonio in February. I'm really looking forward to doing the riverwalk with her adn sowing her that. Have you been there too? no doubt you have. It's truly lovely.

    1. Love San Antonio and have visited there and stayed on the Riverwalk many times. Have a fun time.
      We hope to get home too this year but will be in the southern counties - family to see and shopping required for English goodies. We


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