Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Scribble Picnic - My Place

For our Scribble Picnic challenge this week, host Michael requested 
something depicting 'My Place', whether town, state, province, county,
borough etc.
This is my own version of "A Place to Call Home".

I felt I had to show you something representing what will always
 be my true home across the pond!

My town on the southwest coast of England, in the county of Devon.
It is is known as "The Queen of the English Riviera", complete
 with palm trees, blue water bay, seven hills rolling down to the sea, 
picturesque harbour, many beaches. . . . . . and faces across the English 
Channel toward the coast of France.
TORQUAY (pronounced Tor-KEY), is a favorite destination for tourists looking
for a fun coastal, or quiet countryside, holiday in the UK.

This is a vintage tourist brochure cover painting - I edited to a b/w sketch and added
back a little pop of watercolor.
Head over to Michael's blog to view special dear to the heart places shared by the 
members of the Scribble Picnic group.


  1. Christine,

    What a pictureques seaside community. I can almost feel a warm breeze as that's what I'm imagining anyhow across my face. I'm tired of winter's cold! Excellent watercolor design!

  2. Mary,

    I apologize, I think I called you Christine in my earlier comment. That's what happens when I open two blogs at the same time. I get mixed up. *smack forehead* Anyhow, lovely job on the vintage photo-edit! ;)

  3. That's nice Mary! What a nice place to call home. Will you ever go back there?

    1. Well not to live of course - been here so long! Try to visit as often as possible and will be heading that way this year which I'm excited about. Only have cousins and their families in my town, or close by, along with some remaining old school friends, now - my only sibling lives in France.

      Thanks for stopping by Rain.
      Mary -

  4. Gosh your home looks like paradise Mary, thanks for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful place to grow up! I hope you get to visit often. Do you ever feel torn about the two countries you've lived in? Aren't you glad you don't really have to choose between one or the other? Free borders are the best!

  6. Sounds like an exotic paradise place to grow up. No wonder that you’re cold these days!

  7. palm trees, blue water, hills, beaches - sounds like a good place to live or vacation.

    have a lovely day.


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