Monday, January 7, 2019

'Waterlogue' photos from the weekend. . . . .

 It was a LOVELY weekend, especially Sunday when it warmed up to the mid-sixties.
I sat with Ms. Nala next door for a while, allowing her to spend the sunny day
 out on the glass-enclosed back porch of my neighbor's house. She watched the crazy
 squirrels and chirping birds, but must have missed her 'dad' as she snuggled up to
his sneakers left on the floor.

Blue skies, still a few wrinkled oak leaves hanging on to branches
in the garden.
Camellia bushes budding and blooming profusely in the winter sunshine.

Have a pleasant week wherever you choose to relax.


  1. Love your watery pictures of the weekend. Oh my, blooming camillias!!! We have many buds, but no blooms yet. So far a very mild winter and the daffodils are beginning to come through the ground.

  2. This is a pretty post. :-) She does look like she might miss her dad. Awwww
    I'm so glad she has you to care for her.

  3. Lovely images. Waterlogged is our landscape just now, not waterlogued. Fun app!

  4. Oh it’s like a story book. That photo of Nala cuddling with her human’s sneakers is so special. It warms my heart.

  5. Nala is such a sweet little cat and she’s lucky to have you as a caring neighbour Mary!
    When we had cats they stayed in a cattery when we were away in summer.
    Both fretted for home and were very miserable when we collected them . . . they had the pip with us for several days as only cats can!
    Love the waterlogue effect.
    I’m so glad you had some sunny weather over the weekend Mary.

  6. Kitties do have a thing for shoes. It's so nice of you to take care of and spend time with her while they are away. Jingles usually gets left alone if we aren't gone for more than a week. Luckily cats can pretty much take care of themselves (and hopefully not get in too much trouble). :)

  7. Aaaaw! My old cat used to do that, too, with my husband's shoes when he was not around, and for a while after he'd died.
    Hearing the birds outside my windows this morning makes one think spring is just round the corner (but I dare say it isn't).

  8. Hi Mary and Happy 2019 to you and your family and friend.
    Your photographs are brilliant. I have the Waterlogue app and haven;t used it for ages .... you have reminded me about it so you might well dee a few Waterlogue images on my blog soon !!!! XXXX

  9. What cool effects. Your photos really look like water colours.

  10. One of my favorite apps. I need to play around some myself. I've even framed some I've done in the past. Have you? Your kitty perhaps?


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