Saturday, January 19, 2019

It's going to be very cold. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . for the next few days.

Today dozens of robins arrived. 
 I don't think they ever actually leave here, they just don't come to the
 garden often in midwinter. They are non-migrators in the Carolinas. 
They were everywhere in our garden, neighboring gardens also.
Pecking away on the grass for worms, searching for berries,
eating dropped seed under the feeders, and drinking from the
 bird baths and fountain.
They helped cheer up the garden which is rather dreary and devoid of color
 now, other than the pansies, yes the same ones the deer was munching 
shown in my previous post!

American Robin: Turdus migratorius

Do you have many different species of garden birds in winter?
Do you feed and water your visiting birds?


  1. Your American red breasted Robins add wonderful colour to your garden Mary!
    We don't have a great selection of birds in the city other than yellow finches, thrushes, blackbirds, starlings, tuis, the occasional Fantail and Kingfisher and thousands of sparrows!
    I refresh our birdbath all the time especially during these hot summer days and it's a real joy to watch the birds enjoying a bath!

  2. I have one robin who comes faithfully each day. But the main birds are my Goldfinches, dozens of them!

  3. Oh those dear sweet robins, they are such darling little birds. We have most of the same birds throughout the year, so do not notice the seasons in the way of locations further from the Equator. Our lorikeets and cockatoos come to be fed every day of the year! I think some migratory birds come here from China seasonally, but not to our garden.

  4. Lovely photos. Being in northerly Alberta Canada, we await with baited breath for the robins to return in Spring to our corner of the world.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Mary.
    Brenda xox

  5. Cold here too. Right now it is 24 degrees with a feel like temp of 15! We don't feed the birds here because of the bears. We do have water in our fountain. Once in a while we see a blue bird, chickadees, and pileated woodpecker.

  6. How nice of you Mary to make sure that your wildlife gets the extra nourishment they need when the weather turns.

  7. The only reason that I see any birds at all in winter is because my neighbor feeds the birds. I no longer do because of the horrid problem I have had with squirrels. Once one has spent several thousand dollars to fix the damage and paid to have a cage put on the chimney, one does not wish to invite trouble. A robin is a harbinger of spring here and I will be blessed one to see one by May. In stormy weather, the birds just seem to disappear. I don't know where they go, but I hope that they are staying warm and well.

  8. Your robins are different to our ' Secret Garden ' robins aren't they Mary ? I love robins and they follow me all around the garden as I'm digging, picking up worms and insects { the robins, not me ! } I was told or read somewhere that they are quite vicious but i pretend that I don't know that !!! Keep warm Mary. XXXX

  9. Wow - great shots - such pretty colors. We have robins that migrate in for the winter - and some that hang around year round - not sure why there are the two different groups. We have seen, suet and hummingbird feeders all year. In the winter we get a lot of juncos down from the mountains and in migration seasons we often see Grosbeaks and a few Cedar Waxwings. Hope your week is wonderful my dear.

  10. I love your robins. Not sure I have seen any robins yet, but we do have a lot of other birds. Yes, we feed and water them. The squirrels love to sample the food too. We have hummingbirds, house finches, yellow rump warblers, Oregon junko, black cap chickadee, California scrub jays, crows, bushtits, and Jim says he is seeing robins in the backyard.


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