Friday, January 4, 2019

No one sees but me. . . . . .

. . . . . . the elderly German neighbor on his early morning walk.
A red scarf round his neck, a cap, comfy walking shoes.
He looks down mostly, perhaps afraid of tripping. . . . or
slipping on wet oak leaves continuing to fall and float
in rain puddles.
The empty, damp morning doesn't phase him, just as the heat
 of July brings him up the street and back, several times
each early morning.
We admire him. We are not so dedicated. 

I was up early today - dull and wet yet again. I switched on all the lights
before seven to brighten up the rooms while the coffee pot gurgled. 
I unwrapped our annual Italian Panettone sweet bread, sliced it open
and admired how it was studded with golden raisins, candied orange
 and citron peel.
One tall, slim wedge on a pretty china plate was all I needed. 

Yes, I know, the decorations are still here and will remain today.
Tomorrow and Sunday, sunshine is promised and our efforts to put things
 away from both house and garden, will hopefully be a bright and cheery job.

See them? My two amaryllis bulbs from last year are at last coming to life! 
One has three leaves growing fast - I've already had to push a few twigs in the pot
 to steady them. The other one I had given up on until yesterday when there it
was. . . . . . .a tiny green point pushing up, trying to catch up.
I'm excited!


  1. I do love your dining area, Mary. Here's to a sunny day tomorrow. :)

  2. Hope to see photos of your amaryllis when they flower as they are gorgeous. Christmas officially lasts until January 6th here but we had to take down our decorations a bit early as we have a bathroom renovation coming up. Not really looking forward to it but it needs to be done.

  3. Dear Mary,
    Oh how I love that Italian Panetone. It's so light and fluffy, and has just the right amount of candied fruit. . . not too many, just right. Ours is long gone but right now I'm having a good cup of coffee and a thick slice of pound cake topped with blueberries and heavy cream.

  4. How exciting to see new growth. Enjoy the sun. We are due for a week of rain and wind, but hoping it hold off for a morning walk tomorrow. Yes, I would admire someone that gets out there everyday and walks.

  5. Oh Mary, just today I called into our Italian grocer to see if there was a Panettone left - I was disappointed of course!
    In the pre Christmas rush I forgot to buy one - I’ve already put a note in my new diary for the first week in December to pop into Farros and buy one!
    Your room looks lovely in every season and how exciting that your Amaryllis is poking through - flower photos soon I hope!
    I had a very quiet day today after pulling a muscle in my back yesterday!
    Shane xx

  6. Bulbs blooming in winter is truly such a is your festive cheer lasting into early January. So glad you don't rush through it and put things away Boxing Day as some do these days.

    Panettone sweet bread - one of my favourites. Again, not too sweet. A tall thin slice on your china plate would be lovely but I'm afraid my self discipline there may not be quite as resolved as yours, must day, dear Mary. :)

  7. As for your dear old neighbour's routine - it rather reminds me of that scene from "The Holiday." I love that. Good for him. I hope one day, if not now, I am one of those people who someone is admiring from afar for something I add to the normal old dailies.


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