Thursday, January 10, 2019

Pie in the sky!

The little mince pies of yesterday's post are long gone!
A bowl of Granny Smith apples were calling to be peeled, sliced
and baked into a pie. Let's face it, apple pie is good, and healthy if not 
drowned in sugar. I often find store bought, or restaurant, American pies 
and other desserts so overpowering from the sugar content, I do not enjoy
 them, especially when containing fruit which is nature's natural sweetener.

So, a couple of days ago I baked my favorite apple pie recipe - it was shared some
 years back by my delightful western North Carolina friend, Penny. 
There's a 'secret ingredient' in her recipe which makes it so delicious. 
I admit I did use ready-made piecrust this time - it was waiting in refrigerator 
begging to be used. It's very light and flaky, which is good. I used 6 large
 Granny Smith apples which made the pie quite high and just juicy
 enough - thankfully it didn't boil over, perhaps as I was able to seal
 the edge well! 

Penny and I go back many years and we have shared several wonderful 
get togethers - they are always a lot of fun. We're hoping to catch up again
some time this year.
You can visit Penny HERE at her blog - Enjoying The Simple Things.  

Have you been baking on these early new year winter days, or did you have
 enough of floury rolling pins, baking pans and hot ovens over the recent holidays?


  1. Yummy!!! I am so glad you like my pie recipe Mary. Yours is making my mouth water. If any of your readers want the recipe with the secret ingredient, they can find it on this post. Thanks for the shout out! xoxo

    1. Really Penny - it is the best apple pie EVER! We gobbled down the last two slices last night following a steaming bowl of leek and potato soup!
      Mary x

  2. Mary, your pie is lovely. Like you, I find most desserts overly sweet. I make everything with less sugar and do a lot of British baking.

  3. No baking at all in my kitchen in the last half year or so, as I am hardly at home long enough, and then mostly on my own :-) But if you count the (sort of) Shepherd's Pie I made on Saturday for OK and myself, then I have been doing at least a bit of baking.
    Your pie looks picture-book perfect!

  4. Your apple pie looks scrumptious. I looked at Penny's recipe for the secret ingredient - now I want to try one. I've not had to bake anything since Christmas, we're still munching on Christmas baking. Well, Tim is, I'm trying to resist and being mostly successful! I always cut back on the sugar in recipes, too. Cloyingly sweet is not appealing to me.

  5. I'm late arriving. Catching up with reading favorites today as Sadie and I snuggle on the sofa. This is a beautiful pie.

  6. Your pie looks absolutely spot on yummy perfection. Wow. I'm seriously impressed. I'm quite sure it tasted as good as it looks. Lucky peeps there. :)

  7. What a gorgeous apple pie. I do love any form of pie and have several fillings in the freezer waiting. What I am hungry for right now is a lemon meringue pie, since we have ripe lemons in the gardenhouse right now. I think I might make one next week, this week is too busy to do baking. I have been trying to not bake goodies because I need to go back to better eating and lose some pounds; but oh how I love a good pie. Then Jim's birthday is next week and he love molten chocolate cake, but we make just individual ones. I guess he can have cake and I will have pie. Want to come over? I wish!


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