Saturday, June 29, 2019

Castles and Coastlines -

Our pre-booked coach tour out from Belfast was probably the wettest day of our trip. . . .
. . . . . . but all was not lost.
It was a reinforcement of why Northern Ireland is a very green place and, 
quite honestly, the rain added to the feeling of being in the land of Games of Thrones
 much more than a sunny day would have. 

The wonderful cliff-top ruins of Dunluce Castle were the location for
 Castle Greyjoy - and if you watched the amazing series you know how atmospheric 
the settings were, making it a really great visual show, that being the main 
reason I got hooked and viewed the entire series.

We didn't book one of the actual Game of Thrones tours which sounded a bit too
commercial, however, while awaiting our coach to pick us up we chatted with one
of those tour guides who looked the part - long hair, straggly long beard etc. - 
and he showed us photos on his phone when he was filming with Kit Harrington 
(Jon Snow) and other 'stars', as an extra, and shared some of the back stories
of being in the show.

The Giant's Causeway - in the pouring rain.
That's not me - but I was soaked also!

Snippets of Northern Ireland country and coast - all taken from the coach.

OK this is where I have to digress from travel to the trials
 and tribulations regarding BLOGGER!  

What is going on with this blogging platform?
Why has it become so crazy lately and why are they not
 doing anything to make it publish/work better? 

For example - anyone else having problems leaving Comments?
I think so because I'm seeing others leaving Comments 
which repeat as many as three times as many of mine
 seem to do now. This is embarrassing when one has to go
 back and delete them from blog friends blogs. 
Do you, like me, hit Publish after you write a Comment
and find it doesn't appear to work - then later if you
go back to look at Comments there are two or even three
of the same Comment published even when you ONLY hit
Publish once?

 Just wondering and trying to deal with the 
frustrations blogging seems to throw at us.

Have a fabulous weekend dear friends - do be careful if you, like me,
have to deal with extreme heat - France appears to be seriously HOT!

I so enjoyed generous comments regarding the Pen Shop in Dublin and the 
fact several of you would enjoy a handwritten note card.  As soon as time 
permits I will gather addresses and follow up on that. 


  1. Deluce Castle appears romantic and yet also mysterious sitting atop it's green hill. Something that we missed seeing whilst visiting Northern Ireland.
    Sorry to learn that you are still having problems with blogger, this time unfortunately I have no suggestions on how you can do away with all of your repeat comments.
    I still have to continue to sign out and then in again every time that I do a new post or edit one, but I am used to doing that now.
    May be this might help:

  2. These photos are incredible - despite the rain! I have a fascination with castles. Have never seen Game of Thrones and truthfully, don't even know anything about it.

    I am not having any problems with Blogger or leaving comments. What browser are you using? I use Chrome.

  3. Beautiful Northern Ireland photos Mary. Dramatic scenery which was perfect for Game of Thrones!

    Re Blogger, I’ve had problems leaving comments too and I imagine I was one who left multiple comments on your blog. I agree it is very frustrating, but like many Internet, on-line platforms it is impossible to talk to an actual person and work through a problem.
    I’ve never fully understood the essence of ‘Blogger the Provider’. I thought it was a commercial money making platform... (from advertisers). One would think there would be a Helpline where questions can be asked and a team member of Blogger ‘the provider’ could respond with an answer within 24 hours. Can someone please enlighten me.
    Our huge community of Bloggers is left out in the cold it seems.
    Like many other bloggers, I’ve joined Instagram (now owned by Facebook) but it’s another faceless business.
    I’m interested to hear what others have to say.

  4. Such beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, despite the wetness!

  5. Lovely photos of the castles and I love that coastline. Oh the Blogger get what you pay for I always say! I wish Blogger would take these little problems more seriously. My "followers" button seems to come and go as it pleases...I've written to Blogger, no answer!

  6. Wonderful pictures, rain or not! As I said before, I do not watch Game of Thrones, I see the beauty of that landscape just in its own right, and it is simply wonderful.
    I can't say I have had the problems with blogger that you mention, but then maybe I have not been as active on the platform lately and so no occasion to notice it.

  7. I have not seen one episode of GOT...that landscape is just beautiful! My blog is with wordpress, so I am not having any issues that I know of. xo

  8. Beautiful green Ireland. Your pictures make me want to go.
    I don't know that I have had a problem with Blogger lately, but have noticed a few with more than one comment. I usually just don't post the second or third ones. It doesn't seem to happen all the time, just on occasion.

  9. Ireland is just unbelievably gorgeous. It's so green and restful to the eyes. Here everything is parched and looking fairly ugly.
    Regarding Blogger, some people have problems leaving comments on my posts. I myself can seem to comment without a problem - fingers crossed that won't change any time soon. The platform is becoming very annoying. I used to use Live Writer to post to my blog but Google has disabled something and I cannot do it anymore and have to use Blogger's platform directly which is really annoying.

  10. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Beautiful photos. I've never seen Game of Thrones, and have no idea what it's about. I use Blogger and have no issues that I'm aware of. Someone in an earlier comment mentioned Chrome. I use Chrome as my browser, so that may be why it's working for me. Hugs, Nancy

  11. IT looks beautiful! I do not watch Game of Thrones but I have seen and heard of some of the places in the movie. It ounds like a wonderful trip.


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